Quick and affordable solutions for kitchen waste management to dispose of food, oil and general waste.

We work with over 7000 businesses in the North West for collection of their kitchen waste. A large proportion of these are hotels, bars, venues, restaurants, takeaways, pubs, cafes, food manufacturers, events companies and other businesses who serve food and drink.

We understand the importance of proper waste management in the kitchen and the impact it can have on the environment. That’s why we offer tailored solutions to help businesses reduce their environmental impact while also saving time and money. Our goal is to make waste management in the kitchen as hassle-free as possible, so you can focus on running your business.

Why choose Fresh Start Waste services?

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Zero to Landfill Solutions
Carbon Capture Programme
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Real Recycling at our Materials Recovery Facility
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99% successful attendance rate
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Family run, direct collector in North West region since 2005

What type of waste and recycling do you collect from the hospitality sector?

We are servicing hospitality customers seven days per week and as such will conduct a free waste audit to develop a waste management service programme to suit your individual needs. We will encourage you to segregate your waste and recycling as well as consider ways to reduce waste produced as part of this. Many of our hospitality customers benefit from the following collections:

  • Food.
  • Glass.
  • Card.
  • Mixed recycling.
  • General Waste.
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What about reducing the waste my hospitality venue produces?

We all know food waste is bad for the environment and so have partnered with Too Good To Go, the worlds largest surplus food app offering a 360 degree solution to put edible food in bellies, and inedible food in recycling bins.

Hospitality Action

Whatever you do in hospitality, isn’t it good to know somebody’s got your back?

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