Navigating Simpler Recycling Laws: Fresh Start Waste Services Urges Schools to Act Now


As the UK prepares for Simpler Recycling Laws by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) in 2025, Fresh Start Waste Services is taking proactive steps to guide schools through the impending changes. With a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, Fresh Start Waste aims to help schools establish a greener and more efficient waste management system.


Understanding Simpler Recycling Laws:


The Simpler Recycling Laws introduced by Defra in 2025 are designed to streamline and enhance the recycling process across various sectors, including schools. The legislation aims to reduce environmental impact, promote circular economy practices and encourage responsible waste disposal.

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Key Points Advised by Fresh Start Waste Services:


Audit and Assess Current Practices:

Fresh Start recommends that schools conduct a thorough audit of their current waste management practices. This includes assessing the types and volumes of waste generated, existing recycling initiatives, and the efficiency of waste disposal systems. This is something North West based Fresh Start provide for free.


Implement Comprehensive Recycling Programmes:

To align with the upcoming regulations, schools are urged to establish comprehensive recycling programmes that cover various waste streams. Fresh Start can assist in designing tailored programmes that cater to the specific needs of each educational institution.


Educate Staff and Students:

Fresh Start emphasises the importance of educating both staff and students about the upcoming changes in recycling laws. Workshops, seminars, and informational materials can help create awareness and promote active participation in sustainable waste management practices.


Invest in Proper Infrastructure:

With the new laws in mind, Fresh Start advises schools to invest in the necessary infrastructure for effective waste separation and recycling. This may involve providing clearly labelled separate bins for different types of waste and ensuring that the collection and disposal processes are in line with regulatory requirements.


Stay Informed and Adapt:

As recycling laws evolve, it is crucial for schools to stay informed about any updates or changes. Fresh Start commits to keeping their clients updated on the latest developments and assisting schools in adapting their waste management strategies accordingly.

Colin Harvey, Commercial Director at Fresh Start Waste commented:

“We want schools to remain on the front foot and our specialist education waste management team will work together and guide schools through the transition towards Simpler Recycling Laws set to be enforced by Defra in 2025. By promoting proactive measures such as comprehensive recycling programmes, education initiatives and infrastructure investments, we aim to empower schools to meet the upcoming regulations whilst also contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future. Schools are encouraged to take heed of this advice and act now to ensure a smooth and responsible transition to the new recycling landscape.”


Fresh Start Waste welcome contact from any school or educational establishment wanting to prepare ahead of the new laws coming into play next year. Book a free waste audit today with our specialist education team.

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