Case study

Abraham Moss Community School

In today’s environmentally conscious world, organisations across various sectors are striving to implement sustainable practices. One such organisation is North Manchester’s Abraham Moss Community School, which is a thriving, multicultural community, which prides itself on its harmony and success.


The Challenge

The school recognised the need to enhance its waste management system and promote recycling among its students and staff. This case study explores how the school partnered with Fresh Start Waste Services, a leading waste management company, to revolutionise their waste and recycling collections and achieve their sustainability goals.rnrnThe school, located in a suburban area, had been using a conventional waste management system that lacked emphasis on recycling. Waste disposal was becoming increasingly expensive, and the school administration felt the need to address the issue. They aimed to create a cleaner and greener environment, foster a sense of responsibility among students, and reduce their carbon footprint.

Abraham Moss School

“Fresh Start have been fantastic to work with. They’re reliable, flexible when we need to alter our schedule, and excellent at communicating with us. When we have had any queries, it’s been incredibly refreshing, as we ring up, don’t get placed on hold and passed around, and have our query dealt with straight away. It’s fantastic to understand the recycling the environmental impact our school’s waste is having, which is greatly reduced thanks to Fresh Start Waste Services. I can’t recommend them enough.”

Ian Hornby, Site Manager

The Solution

After thorough research and consideration of several waste management providers, the school opted for Fresh Start Waste Services. The decision was influenced by Fresh Start’s exceptional reputation in the industry, their commitment to sustainability, reliability, and their tailored solutions for educational institutions.rnrnFresh Start conducted an in-depth waste audit to identify the types and volumes of waste generated by the school. This data formed the basis for designing an efficient waste management plan. They recommended the installation of well-placed recycling bins throughout the school premises. Clear signage and educational materials were provided to guide students and staff on proper waste segregation.rnrnThey devised a collection schedule that aligned with the school’s operational needs. Regular waste and recycling collections were organised to ensure the timely removal of waste and prevent any accumulation.

Abraham Moss School

The Results

All waste collected from the school is now taken to Fresh Start’s state-of-the-art materials recovery facility, where waste is further segregated and recycled.

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