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At Fresh Start, we understand that recycling or recovering all rubbish isn’t possible. Unfortunately, there is still general waste we can’t yet segregate into recyclable streams.


To help you keep your site clean, tidy and well organised, we can help you source the right container. Whether you need wheelie bins such as 2 or 4 wheeled waste bins, waste skips, front-end loaders, roll-on roll-offs, compactors or balers, we have the ideal waste storage solution for your business.

No matter how large or small your requirements are, we’ll be able to tailor a service to suit you. As part of your waste audit, we’ll suggest a collection schedule that not only compliments your needs but also complies fully with current UK legislation.

General waste

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energy recovery

Energy Recovery

As a carbon conscious company, we have always been committed to recycling as much as possible to avoid landfill and moving customers up the waste hierarchy.

Once we have removed as many recyclable items as possible at source or through processing it at our state-of-the-art recycling centre, the residual waste is taken to a North-West based energy from waste facility where the energy from the remaining waste is harnessed to power electricity generators, resulting in green electricity.

What this means is waste is diverted from landfill, which is produces methane which is a greenhouse gas and a global warming contributor and instead is put to good use, rather than being put in a hole in the ground.


Every single aluminium can, every glass jar, every bit of food and every piece of paper or cardboard you put in your recycling bin is recycled into something new.

Even the rubbish that you cannot recycle are turned into something useful when it is processed as Refuse Derived Fuel and used to generate electricity!

What’s more our state of the art recycling facility maximises the levels of recycling even further.

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