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Looking for a sustainable waste solution for your office? We provide comprehensive waste management services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your office.


We think outside the bin and provide sustainable waste solutions for your office

Office waste management and recycling is one of our expertise. Working with you and your facilities and property management teams to develop a waste management strategy to suit your individual requirements and sustainability goals.

If your business is predominantly offices and you’re looking for a cost-effective, sustainable and easy solution for waste reduction, reuse and recycling which avoids landfill, Fresh Start Waste can help.

Why choose Fresh Start Waste services?

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Carbon Capture Programme
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99% successful attendance rate
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Family run, direct collector in North West region since 2005

What can I do to implement recycling in my office?

We provide you with colour coded bins to make it easy to identify which items your staff are to place in which bin and which larger bin your cleaning staff should place the office bin contents into. This is just one of the ways we ensure maximum recycling and minimise cross-contamination of items which otherwise would be tarnished and unrecyclable.

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How can I get my team to reduce and recycle our office waste?

It’s important to talk with your office staff to get them to think about the waste they produce, encouraging them for example to:

  • Print less (less paper waste)
  • Use Tupperware for lunch (less sandwich packaging)
  • Purchase reusable coffee cups (Less coffee cup waste)
  • Use the correctly colour coded bins to maximise recycling

What types of waste can I recycle from my office waste produced?

We will conduct a free waste audit to see the items of waste you produce and the quantities of each, then suggest a collection programme to suit. However, many of our office customers benefit from the following collections:

  • Paper and cardboard
  • Dry mixed recycling
  • WEEE
  • Hazardous waste
  • General waste
  • Skips for larger items
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How do I know you’re actually recycling my waste?

We have built our reputation with our office-based customers through total transparency. We recently invested in a £1 million Swindon-based  materials recovery and recycling facility. We give you a look behind closed doors in our video for you to see how waste is actually sorted to maximise recycling.

Waste reduction

We partner with reuse organisations such as Bulky Bob’s who are a charity with a mission to End Furniture Poverty, for reuse of furniture items you no longer require which are fit for reuse.

We encourage offices to consider purchasing recyclable items or considering working with sustainable suppliers to further reduce waste from e.g. packaging items ordered for office use in reusable or recyclable materials

Working on a printer cartridge refill basis, rather than purchasing a new cartridge each time it runs out is another great way to reduce waste output of your offices.

Carbon Impact

We pride ourselves on being a carbon conscious organisation. We operate a fleet of Euro 6 engine trucks, have planted over 12000 trees locally to offset carbon and utilise the very latest route optimisation planning software to reduce idling time of our trucks and minimise CO2 output.

Our actual waste management programme focuses on waste reduction and recycling, and we process waste through our £1 million state of the art recycling facility to further pull out any recyclable materials. Waste that cannot be recycled is diverted from landfill as it is processed at an energy from waste combined heat and power facility to generate green energy.

What is the benefit to offices and facilities management teams of working with Fresh Start Waste?

What is the benefit to offices of working with Fresh Start Waste?

  1. We listen to our customers
  2. We are flexible – we understand your needs change, and we will always do our best accommodate this
  3. We know each office is different, so work with you develop a waste collection and recycling programme which suits your budgetary and sustainability goals
  4. Cost-efficient and reliable waste collections
  5. We are a fully licenced waste carrier with numerous accreditations and awards to reassure you
  6. Maximum reuse and recycling by working with a waste company that offers ‘Real Recycling’

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