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Recycling balers for hire and sale – recycle and rebate

Managing a large amount of dry mixed materials can be a cumbersome task. With the increasing focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, it is essential to dispose of cardboard, plastic and metal waste properly. We have two options available. Either supplying the baler to your premises on-site where we can provide rebates on your baled commodities. Or you may already have a baler and we can purchase your baled commodities. Fresh Start Waste can provide you with two types of balers depending on how much you need baling.

How our baler hire works

Fresh Start will assess your requirements and recommend which size of baler you require. We will deliver the baler to your premises, and you can start compacting your dry waste. When the baler is full, we will collect your baled commodities and you will receive a rebate. The collected bales are then transported to a recycling facility for processing.

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Why use a baler?

It not only saves money but makes money!

Reduce the volume of dry mixed recyclables by baling them instead. Fresh Start can even provide a return on all balled cardboard, metal and plastic.

Reduces precious time

No more wasting valuable time in the working day flattening boxes or crushing cans. Baling can help streamline your waste recycling process to the next level.

Space Saving

By utlising one of our compact baling machines can reduce space by up to 400%. Say goodbye to messy overflowing bins once and for all.

What materials can you bale?


Aside from cardboard, a baler can also compress and bale other materials such as plastic, paper, and even some metals. This makes it a versatile waste management solution for businesses that deal with various types of waste.

How does a baler work?


With the power of hydraulic or pneumatic press mechanisms, these machines compress waste into convenient bales. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to more space, our balers take up a fraction of the space, increasing storage or working space.

Can you buy or just rent one?


Our balers are available to both rent and buy.

How much would I receive in a rebate?


Quality, quantity, time of year, volume, and location all impact the value of baled material so it’s very difficult to give a definitive answer. But one thing is for certain, it will save on reduced waste collection fees, resulting in substantial savings.

Have a large amount of mixed material?

We also offer compactor equipment to turn mixed waste and recyclables into smaller sizes. By compacting waste can take up a fraction of the space, increasing storage or working space. This makes it ideal for businesses that produce large volumes of waste and need more room.

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Sustainable and environmentally friendly baler hire

We ensure that your waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. We are committed to reducing landfill and promoting sustainability, which is why we strive to recycle as much waste as possible. By choosing our baler hire service, you can also contribute towards a greener future.

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