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DieCast Manchester

DieCast Manchester, the new creative neighbourhood from the team behind Ramona and The Firehouse, have partnered with carbon conscious Fresh Start Waste to deliver an environmentally efficient, recycling-focused service to the much-anticipated new venue which opened in summer 2023.


The Challenge

Fresh Start have long been the waste and recycling collector of choice across the hospitality sector, and their commitment not only to providing sustainable waste and recycling solutions to hotels, venues, restaurants and bars, but supporting the sector wholeheartedly is well recognised by the industry.

As a brand new venue opening up in Manchester with various challenges due to the size and quantity of waste being produced, Fresh Start Waste were chosen to provide an innovative solution to encourage the recycling of glass and cardboard as well as to avoid landfill for non-recyclable waste.


Diecast Manchester waste solutions

“It’s exciting times here at Diecast, and we want to start as we mean to go on, with a comprehensive programme of recycling programme in place from day one. We chose Fresh Start Waste due to their close proximity, experience in the hospitality sector and their ability to maximise levels of recycling as well as provide us with a report showing how much of our waste has been recycled.”

Robbie Mills, Hospitality Operations Manager at DieCast Manchester

The Solution

Fresh Start service includes their twin bodied vehicles to transport pre-segregated recycling and waste items to their local Manchester site for further sorting to maximise recycling levels.

Due to the high levels of glass waste being produced, which can be 100% recycled, Fresh Start recommended a glass crusher with smaller glass bins across the site. When glass is emptied into the crusher, the glass volume is reduced as the glass is crushed into tiny segments, ready for recycling.

This innovative piece of equipment not only reduces the number of bins required on site, but also the space needed to store the glass, so less frequent collections are required reducing cost as well as reducing the carbon impact of the glass recycling programme at DieCast Manchester.

Cardboard is also separately stored in bins, collected and then baled ready for recycling into new cardboard items.

All non-recyclable materials collected are further sorted at the Fresh Start Waste state-of-the-art recycling centre to further remove any other recyclable materials such as metal and any further cardboard, and the residual non-recyclable waste avoids landfill as it is converted into energy at a Refuse Derived Fuel facility right here in the North West to minimise travel and carbon impact and maximise local economy growth.

diecast manchester recycling with fresh start waste

The Results

As the DieCast Manchester site continues to grow and the demands change, Fresh Start Waste’s commitment to communication and delivery of a high quality service means they provide flexible service schedules to suit the changes requirements.

Sean Martins of Fresh Start Waste said:

“Robbie and the team are opening a fantastic new venue and it’s great to be involved with them from the start to train the entire team to ensure they know what can and cannot be recycled, and which items are to go in which bin. This initial training and colour-coded bins will ensure we maximise levels of recycling Diecast can achieve. We are proud to work on such a prestigious and exciting new project.”

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