Fresh Start provides a professional commercial waste collection and recycling service in Skelmersdale, and with the town being at the heart of industry in West Lancashire, it’s more important than ever for local businesses to have provisions in place for their waste management.

Skelmersdale Roundabout

We are one of the UK’s most progressive, innovative and dependable waste disposal companies, and with each of our clients having different needs, we know how important it to fully audit your site so that you are matched up with the best storage containers for your requirements.

Lighter users can benefit from our comprehensive range of waste solutions, including wheelie bins, durable front-end loaders and secure food containers, while a choice of skips, roll-on roll-off containers and the latest compaction and baling equipment is always available for large volume users in the industrial and construction sectors.

There are plenty of benefits to choosing Fresh Start as your waste collection partner:

Environmental: managing waste via landfill simply isn’t sustainable in the long term, and recycling is much less harmful to the local and global environment

Energy: Recycling materials often uses up a fraction of the energy employed in manufacturing them in the first place

Reduce costs: companies which dispose of their rubbish in landfill are liable to pay the Landfill Tax

Reputation: be proud of your green credentials and attract new customers by showing that you take your environmental responsibilities seriously

Legal obligations: businesses which by law need to have a waste management plan in place can ensure that they comply with their local duty of care, environmental regulations and avoid potentially unlimited fines

We collect and recycle all forms of refuse from the trade, leisure and commercial sectors, including:

When we formed in 2006, our ultimate goal was to become the largest and most trusted independent waste contractor in the North West, and thanks in part to our hard work in and around Skelmersdale, we are well on the way to reaching that target.

If you need a flexible, low cost waste management solution for your business premises Skelmersdale, make sure get in contact with us today.

Feel free to explore our site and discover the full range of waste collection and recycling options available to you. If you can’t find the specific solution that you are looking for, please contact our friendly customer care team on (01942) 879 440. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form. Either way, we will be more than happy to help.

Residential Users:

We currently only provide our services to business waste clients. However, if you need to dispose of any domestic rubbish or general waste which your local council doesn’t collect at the kerb, you can visit your local household waste recycling centre on Glenburn Road:

Glenburn Road HWRC

Tel: (01695) 726125

It opens it doors between 8am-7pm seven days per week during its summer period. From October to March, those hours are reduced slightly from 8am-5pm.