Fresh Start is one of the UK’s leading commercial food waste collection and recycling companies.

There are thousands of establishments involved in the food industry in Cheshire, Lancashire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester. For every family meal eaten in the country, there will be an average of half a kilo of foodstuff going to waste, whether through peelings, spoiling or leftovers.

This all adds up quickly.

As a nation, it’s a fact that 40% of the waste we throw away is food, with the majority still ending up rotting in landfill. This results in the leakage of vast amounts of methane gas, the equivalent of tens of millions of tonnes of CO2 being released into the atmosphere.

It doesn’t have to be this way at all. Food recycling is as simple as putting your scraps in the right bin, whether they are raw or already cooked. We do the rest.

Here at Fresh Start, we can provide you with branded external food containers – from wheelie bins to enormous roll-on/roll-off vessels – and on-site training to help you and your staff segregate the correct waste.

We guarantee to divert 100% of your waste away from landfill and into the Anaerobic Digestion process at one of our partners’ facilities.

There, we convert uneaten food until into clean, renewable energy, whether that be electricity, biofuel or even fresh compost. It all helps your company reduce its carbon footprint and do its bit to clean up the local environment.

Every business has a duty of care to adhere to current food waste regulations, and as councils rarely collect rubbish from commercial premises, arrangements will need to be in place for its disposal.

Fresh Start serves clients in all areas of the food and drink sector, including manufacturers, restaurants, bars, and takeaways. We also help supermarkets, shops and bakeries deal with any out-of-date produce.

Our collections are regular, efficient, and tailored to suit your needs, while our fleet of bin wagons are all satellite tracked and compliant with the latest Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards.

We aim to keep your costs to a bare minimum, so during our audit of your site, we’ll be able to discuss and agree the perfect bespoke food waste collection service at the best price available.

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