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As a business, you probably produce a large amount of waste through your work efforts. There are both legal and social responsibilities you have in regard to managing and disposing of this waste in a proper manner, which you may find difficult to do on your own.

Because of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, you can’t just load up a van full of your business waste and dump it at your local tip, you instead have to use private services that specialise in the collection, removal and sorting of business waste.

Big or small, no matter the size of your business or the amount of waste you produce, it is essential that you make sure it is dealt with. By employing a waste management service, businesses have the advantage of not only legally disposing of their waste in a proper manner, but also ensuring that all of their waste is disposed of in an environmentally responsible way.

Fresh Start Waste offers waste disposal and collection services that can help you meet your responsibilities. Due to the many different requirements needed for us to be able to help you with your business’s waste management, the cost it takes to do will vary on many factors in your business. But what are some of these factors, and how can I find a service that fits with my budget?

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Waste Storage

First of all, is waste storage. Fresh Start can provide four different types of containers for rental, all coming in various sizes.

Our wheeled bins come in six different variations for different sizes and purposes. Three of these containers are our 240-litre bins, the blue with an orange lid being specifically for glass recycling, the green being for food recycling, and the blue with a blue lid being for general waste. Our 360-litre wheelie bin is suitable for general waste, card and mixed recycling, and is suitable for workplaces producing slightly larger amounts of waste.

We also carry two larger four-wheel bins. One of these is a 660-litre bin, while the other is our Eurobin- the largest wheelie bin available at 1100 litres.

Then we have our front-end loader containers. FELs are an ideal waste management option for businesses that create large volumes of waste, especially recyclable materials. These bins come in the sizes of 8 cubic yards and 10 cubic yards

Our skips and roll on roll off containers are ideal for bulky waste items, industrial, manufacturing and construction work. With skips being 8-12 yards^3 and RoRos ranging from 20-40 yards^3, you are able to fit large amounts of waste inside, which can then be collected and managed by us. It is important however to make sure you research and are aware of what can be put inside.

Finally, our largest option, businesses that create massive amounts of waste can hire from our range of compactors. Coming in three varieties (portable, static, and balers), with the ability to crush waste in order to create more space, all while making it easier to store. Our portable compactors are available as a standard unit and as one designed for waste with high liquid content. You can also get balers that compact the waste into cubes which allows for stacking and easy transportation.


It may cost more to have your trash bins collected more frequently, due to the cost of energy and work to perform collections more often. However, having your bins emptied on a regular basis can help keep your environment and local area clean.

With frequent collection, you can rest assured that all of your rubbish is being disposed of safely and responsibly.

Finally, having your waste collected regularly means that there isn’t a build-up of waste outside your workplace. Many people will underestimate how much waste they produce in a month. Allowing for this kind of build-up can lead to an unsightly scene in the disposal area. Frequent collection can prevent overflowing bins while also helping to reduce the potential for pests and other ‘squeaky little friends’ from entering your waste, which is the last thing most people want at their workplace.

Having to keep on top of how much waste you produce can be yet another thing to remember, meaning frequent collection is often necessary to maintain cleanliness at your site. This is yet another factor of how the cost of commercial waste collection can change greatly.

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Types of Waste

There is a large variety of waste that can be produced by different types of businesses, sometimes within the same field. For example, one restaurant may mostly produce food waste, while for others it might be used oil. It’s differences like this making it that you need to find a waste management service that works best for you.

Some types of waste may be more expensive to manage and recycle in comparison to others. You also need to take legal requirements into account, as many types of waste, such as oil and electronics, have to meet certain standards when being managed and disposed of. With the existence of hazardous materials and environmental protections, you need to make sure you use the correct service(s) in order to comply with these standards.

How can Fresh Start help?

Fresh Start Waste Services work with companies from across the North-West of England in order to dispose of their business waste in an effective and responsible manner. Our services for each client can range from a large-scale waste collection, to a smaller one, and we are able to provide each customer with any necessary equipment they may need to manage their waste effectively.

The range of sizes of businesses we work with can make it so the cost of commercial waste collection fluctuates greatly depending on many of the factors discussed here. If you would like to find out how much waste collection and management would be for your company, then you can contact our team for a free quote.

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