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How we recover your waste

Our commitment to truly moving customers up the waste hierarchy extends from our waste reduction programmes, to ensuring as much waste which cannot be reused as possible is recycled, as opposed to being over reliant upon waste to energy facilities which still have the potential to harm our environment.

Our new facility is testament to this goal, and allows us to remove metal, cardboard, plastic and paper from the conveyor belt system, with some waste manually picked on our picking line and metal for example being captured by an overband magnet.

All waste passes through the facility twice to ensure maximum recycling levels are achieved. This results in a reduction of residual waste which is then sent through a Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) process.

By using a state-of-the-art waste management facility, we are committed to reducing the amount of landfill required as much as possible and recovering more recyclable materials for reuse in our manufacturing processes. This ensures an efficient use of resources and reduced environmental impact.

We believe that by developing an integrated approach to managing waste, we can help to make a significant difference in reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.

We are committed to ensuring that as much of your waste is recycled or recovered for reuse, and will work with you to ensure the process is as efficient and sustainable as possible

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Waste minimisation

Fresh Start provides customers with a site survey where we explore the recoverability of waste as we look for ways to minimise waste from being produced. Our waste management process is integrated throughout our business and we are committed to a minimal-waste policy. We use processes such as recycling, composting and reuse to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfill or incineration. We also have comprehensive reporting systems that allow us to track your waste management performance over time.

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Segregation at source

Segregation at source is an easy way to make a big difference to our planet and reduce our environmental impact. It helps to protect the environment by reducing emissions and other damaging chemicals. By implementing a bit of common sense and providing internal and external bins to aid segregation will help save resources and reduce transportation costs for waste removal companies.

segregation at source recycling facility

Carbon conscious vehicles

Working with companies that have the necessary facilities to deal with waste is essential. That’s why Fresh Start have invested in technology to deal efficiently with the unavoidable by-product of life.

carbon conscious vehicles

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