Celebrating the Corn Exchange Manchester: International Green Apple Beautiful Buildings Award Winner


Fresh Start Waste Services extends heartfelt congratulations to the Corn Exchange Manchester on being awarded the prestigious International Green Apple Beautiful Buildings Award. This remarkable achievement not only recognises the outstanding architectural design and preservation of heritage but also highlights the commendable commitment towards sustainability and environmental responsibility. The Corn Exchange Manchester stands as a shining example of a landmark that harmoniously combines history, beauty, and eco-consciousness.

Preserving Heritage, Embracing Sustainability: Located in the heart of Manchester, the Corn Exchange is an iconic building that has witnessed the city’s vibrant history. Originally built in 1837, this architectural gem was a bustling hub of trade, bustling with merchants and farmers exchanging goods. Fast forward to the present day, the Corn Exchange has undergone a remarkable transformation, blending historical charm with modern elements, while embracing sustainable practices.

The International Green Apple Awards recognise and celebrate outstanding environmental achievements in the building environment sector. The Corn Exchange Manchester has rightfully earned this esteemed accolade due to its exemplary commitment to sustainable practices. From its energy-efficient infrastructure to its waste management strategies, the Corn Exchange has showcased an unwavering dedication to reducing its environmental impact.

The Corn Exchange has adopted various energy-efficient measures, including the installation of solar panels, LED lighting systems, and intelligent energy management systems. These initiatives help reduce energy consumption, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, and demonstrate a conscious effort to combat climate change.

Fresh Start Waste Services applauds the Corn Exchange for its proactive waste management practices. Through effective recycling and waste diversion programs, the Corn Exchange has significantly reduced its landfill waste. By prioritising recycling and engaging in composting initiatives, the building contributes to Manchester’s circular economy while minimising its carbon footprint.

Beyond its architectural and sustainability achievements, the Corn Exchange has actively engaged with the local community. The building has become a venue for eco-friendly events, educational programs, and workshops on sustainable living. By inspiring and educating visitors about the importance of environmental stewardship, the Corn Exchange serves as a catalyst for positive change within the community.

Corn Exchange Green Apple Award Press Release

Nicola McGrath, CEO of Fresh Start Waste said “The Corn Exchange’s recognition as an International Green Apple Beautiful Buildings Award winner serves as an inspiration to other buildings, organisations, and communities worldwide. Its success story showcases that heritage preservation and sustainable practices can go hand in hand. The Corn Exchange serves as a shining example of how historical landmarks can adapt and thrive while prioritising environmental responsibility, and we are proud to call them one of our clients.”

“The whole Fresh Start Waste Team wholeheartedly congratulates the Corn Exchange Manchester on being awarded the International Green Apple Beautiful Buildings Award. By blending historical preservation, architectural excellence, and sustainable practices, the Corn Exchange has set a new standard for eco-conscious building design and management. We commend the Corn Exchange Manchester for its dedication to sustainability, and we hope its success will inspire others to follow suit. Together, let us build a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.”

Daniel Davis, Corn Exchange General Manager, said: “Winning this prestigious award is a true testament to the hard work and dedication of our team in preserving and showcasing the architectural splendour of the Corn Exchange. We are thrilled to be recognised for this and feel proud that our building contributes to Manchester’s unique charm and character.”


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