Standard Skips vs Roll-on Roll-off skips


Skips and other waste containers aim to help individuals and businesses to dispose of large amounts of waste.

The purpose of skips and RoRos is to provide an efficient and effective method of waste management, helping to keep building sites, house clearances and renovations clean and organised.

At Fresh Start, we not only provide skip hire but also removal and waste disposal services. We aim to make life easier for you by helping to manage your waste from start to finish. Skips are perfect for disposing of bulky and large volumes of waste for both individuals and commercial businesses.

The key advantage of waste containers is their ability to handle a wide range of waste, including soil, rubble, and general household waste. Our skips come in both 8 and 12-yard sizes offering flexibility depending on the amount of waste to be disposed of.

There needs no explanation on what a skip exactly is. However, just to ensure we haven’t skipped any details, here are the basics.

What do skips do better than RoRos?

Due to their smaller size, skips are perfect for accommodating most domestic projects. Home renovations and clearouts are made much easier, as the waste container can find a home right on your doorstep. Our skips are a great all-arounder, great for disposing of all waste from rubble to garden waste to furniture.

RoRos on the other hand aren’t suitable for getting rid of inert waste, bricks, and rubble. Finally, thanks to their smaller size, they are perfect as the cheaper waste disposal option for domestic projects. It’s likely you are working within a budget, so having a wallet-friendly option helps a lot.

RoRos are larger than skips and are typically used for commercial and industrial purposes where large volumes of waste are generated. They are called ‘roll-on-roll-off’ because they are designed to be rolled on and off special trucks. RoRos can handle heavy materials such as construction and demolition waste, large bulky items, and industrial waste. They are ideal for businesses that generate large amounts of waste on a regular basis.

What makes RoRos better than skips?

When it comes to large-scale commercial projects, traditional skips just don’t cut it.

RoRo skips are much larger, making them ideal for bigger projects that produce more waste. While hiring a RoRo may be more expensive, they will take much longer to fill up. This means collections will be fewer, costing you less money in the long run. They are easily rolled onto trucks for transportation, making the disposal much more efficient.

In what situation should you choose a traditional skip?

  • If space at your project site is limited
  • If your project needs to be completed on a smaller budget
  • If you will be disposing of a wide range of mixed waste including rubble
  • If you have to meet environmental standards: make sure your waste is disposed of responsibly
  • You want as safe a site as possible, as you don’t have to raise waste to a height to dispose of it
  • You are working on public land, as it is much easier to obtain a permit for a smaller, traditional skip

In what situation should you choose a RoRo?

  • When time is of the essence! RoRos are efficient when it comes to loading and unloading. This makes them the optimal choice for saving time during the transportation process
  • If you are working on a large-scale commercial project
  • You have a lot of waste. Less frequent collections mean you can spend less time waiting for disposals, and more time on the task at hand

Remember, the choice between a traditional skip and a RoRo depends on your specific needs, including the type and quantity of waste you need to dispose of, the frequency they need to be collected, and your budget.

Still not sure? Get in touch with Fresh Start for our expert opinion. And check out our skip size guide for a better grasp on which container best suits your project.