Find the right skip for the job with our skip size guide


It’s easy to underestimate the amount of waste created by your projects. Hiring a skip that is filled up sooner than expected is quite common. Having the information of what skips are best for what projects can help you make an informed decision before hiring.

We understand how essential making this choice is. You will want to make sure you aren’t overspending.

That’s why we have developed this skip size guide. We want to showcase the differences across our range of containers. Container size and examples of projects they work best for, are key for making your decision. This article aims to give you a better idea of what you need from a skip.

8 and 12 Cubic Yards Open Container

Commonly known as builders skips, our 8 and 12 yard skips are perfect for small scale construction projects.

Not in the market for knocking down walls? Hire this skip for when you are clearing out old furniture. There is plenty of space to fit a couple sofas and plenty of bin bags. These skips are perfect for any bulky waste you are looking to dispose of.


  • 8 Yards: W 1700mm x H 1200mm X D 3600mm
  • 12 Yards: W 1700mm x H 1600mm x D 3700mm

(Fits roughly 80-100 bin bags of waste).

UK driveways normally fit between two and four cars, meaning these skips are the perfect size for home jobs.

A skip is an efficient solution for getting rid of various types of waste. Skips can hold everything royal from construction and garden waste to household items like unwanted furniture and everyday trash. Whether you’re dealing with the remnants of a home renovation project, garden clearances, or simply doing a deep clean of your house, a skip can provide a convenient way to manage and dispose of your waste.


Moving up a size on our skip size guide, we head into our larger range of RoRos, or roll-on roll-off skips. With Fresh Start Waste, rely on RoRos as a cost effective and environmentally-friendly option for your waste disposal needs.

Our RoRos come in four sizes: 20 cubic yards, 30 cubic yards, 35 cubic yards and compactor boxes. The 20-35 cubic yard containers are the containers you should be looking for when renovating your business. Light construction waste can also be difficult to manage if not done correctly. Luckily, our RoRos rid you of the burden of disposing of a large amount of light waste.


  • 20 Yards: W 2400mm x H 1600mm x D 6200mm
  • 30 Yards: W 2400mm x H 2100mm x D 6200mm
  • 35 Yards: W 2400mm x H 2400mm x D 6200mm

If your project creates inert waste, bricks and rubble, unfortunately our 20, 30, and 35 cubic yard containers might not be the best choice. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t still help you out.

Compactor Boxes

Our last option is our universal compactor boxes. These boxes share the same dimensions as our 35 cubic yard RoRos, with the added advantage of compatibility with all static compactor units. Capable of achieving a compaction ratio of up to 6:1, they handle both general waste and recyclates. Ideal for substantial waste volumes, they offer effective waste management prior to disposal.

Baler hire

A baler is a machine that compresses large amounts of waste into compact bales, making it easier to store and transport for recycling. Predominantly used for cardboard, we can also bale plastics and metals. This makes it a versatile waste management solution for businesses that deal with large amounts of waste whilst providing rebate for baled materials.


  • Compactor Box: W 2400mm x H 2400mm x D 6200mm

It isn’t just the choice of skip that is important to get right, but also your waste management partner. Whether your work requires a one-time skip hire, or regular skip-disposal services, We can provide you with exceptional service that minimises the environmental impact of your waste.

We aimed to answer any questions you had about our skip-hire services in this guide, but if there is anything we didn’t cover, get in touch today with any queries.

If our skip size guide has helped you come to the decision of the container that best fits your project, get your free quote.