Skip hire for recycling and disposing of household waste


Managing your household waste seems simple enough. However, getting it wrong is easier than you would think. Some people think they know what to do. However, without doing the research, they find themselves disposing of their waste incorrectly.

Embracing household waste skip hire becomes straightforward with the right approach. But it’s important to get it right to avoid issues for both you and the people managing it.

Let’s get the facts straight.

What is household waste?

Household waste is the ordinary, everyday waste put in the bin without a second thought when at home. In most cases, you separate it into different bins. These are then taken away, managed, and disposed of by your local council. How your recycling is split depends on your local authority, but in most places, it looks like this.

Black general bin – This makes up a majority of your household waste. These bins are usually filled with waste food, hoover clean ups, plastic bags and paper towels, and everything that doesn’t fit within the other categories.

Blue recycling bin – This is where any metal, glass and plastic goes. Milk bottles, tin cans, wine bottles and lots of other waste can be recycled if put into this bin.

Green recycling bin – This bin is just for cardboard and paper. All those packages ordered, cereal boxes eaten and wrapping paper can be put to good use if put in the right recycling bin.

Brown recycling bin – This is for all your garden waste. Hedge trimmings, grass clippings, branches, and sawdust are perfect for this bin.

These bins are collected on a rota by your local county council. As long as you put in the effort of separating your waste, local authorities should take care of the rest. It’s extremely important to separate this waste into the correct bin. Otherwise, they won’t be disposed of in a sustainable fashion.

What are the downsides?

However, relying on the council for waste management can leave you with having to shift larger, heavier rubbish that can’t be simply put in a bin. Wardrobes, microwaves, televisions, washing machines and lighting are all much more difficult to shift.

If that isn’t a big enough ordeal, depending on where you live, you may be left waiting for a time slot, as some household waste recycling centres require you to book a visit. This may leave you with the unattractive sight of having to leave your old appliances in front of your house until then.

What if there was a simpler alternative?

Fresh Start can offer you a solution.

You may frequently create much more waste than the average household. These habits require a larger container as a means of disposing of the many different types of household waste, and more. With our specialised services in household waste skip hire, managing your waste becomes a seamless process.

Normally all of the above bins would need to be separated into the correct bins, which would then leave you with full and empty bins on a staggered rota. You would never be fully free of your waste, with some bins remaining full for multiple weeks.

We offer 8 and 12-cubic yard skips, which are the perfect size for your driveway. Skips are a convenient and more personalised option for your waste management.

Worry less about whether or not you are putting something in the correct bin, as the Fresh Start team will take care of sorting your waste. However, it isn’t just your normal household rubbish that can be disposed of in a skip.

Those tricky-to-shift appliances can be put in the skip and left for us too! If that isn’t convenient enough for you, bricks and other types of rubble from interior design projects are also able to be placed right in the tip for them to be disposed of by magic.

But just how helpful is skip hire? Well, you could empty, renovate and redecorate your whole house, and the waste created can be put in the bin, forgotten about and then have it picked up and managed by us.

Get in touch with Fresh Start Waste today. We promise we can provide a solution to your household waste problems.