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Carbon conscious waste management across the North West


Fresh Start is one of the leading business waste management companies in the North West, UK.

Established in 2006, family-run Fresh Start Waste Services provide commercial business waste management solutions to Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire & Lancashire.

As a carbon conscious waste management company, the environment is at the heart of everything we do. We encourage our customers to segregate at source and reward those efforts with reduced costs. This creates a win-win solution for customers who improve their sustainability scores and enjoy better prices.

Why choose Fresh Start Waste services?

waste recycling
Zero to Landfill Solutions
We aim to reuse, recycle or compost as much waste as possible so that nothing needs to go to landfill
Carbon Capture Programme
Our waste management services extend to our own output, offsetting emissions through our Forest Carbon initiative
recycling items
Real Recycling at our Materials Recovery Facility
We really do recycle as much waste as possible and continue to invest in machinery that makes sustainability more efficient
waste disposal
99% successful attendance rate
If we say we will collect your waste then we will do. Only exceptional circumstances would stop us getting to you
general waste collection
Family run, direct collector in North West region since 2005
We are proud to be a family run waste management company and bring this ethos into everything we do

Real Recycling

Our goal is to reuse or recycle as much of your waste as possible to reduce the impact on the environment. We can help you to segregate your waste at the source by providing containers that make it easy and efficient.

At our state of the art materials recovery facility we pick out everything that can be recycled to stop an over reliance on waste-to-energy facilities. When we collect your waste we make sure as much of it as possible goes on to be something else.

Lastly, we use carbon conscious vehicles to collect your waste, so that the entire waste management process is focussed on doing good.

Real People

At Fresh Start we treat our customers like people, not numbers. You’ll be given your own personal account manager and get to speak to a real person whenever you need help or support.

We don’t just collect your waste either. Our waste management services include an initial audit to see how you can better manage your business waste and save money.

We’ll then offer regular audits to make sure that you’re always getting the best deal. We believe in fair prices, not compulsory annual price hikes.

What is waste management?


Waste management is the process of collecting, treating, and disposing of waste in an environmentally friendly way. This includes proper recycling and composting as a first priority. Waste management also involves reducing the amount of waste produced in the first place so that less waste is generated. This can be through using resources more efficiently or cutting back on how much is used at all. For businesses, waste management is an essential function due to the amount of waste that is produced. Using a waste management company means clearing waste safely and sustainably in order to prevent pollution, protect natural resources, and reduce the costs associated with waste disposal.

How is waste disposed of?


Waste management companies dispose of waste in a number of ways. At Fresh Start, the priority is to first reduce how much waste you use. For unavoidable waste, the next step is to make sure the vast majority is recycled or reused. This means separating materials such as paper, glass and metal, and then sending it to be repurposed. Some waste management companies rely on waste to energy facilities, where waste is turned into energy, but this still has a negative impact on the environment. The last resort for waste management services is to send waste to landfill; something Fresh Start actively avoids.

What is the most sustainable waste management solution?


The most sustainable waste management method is to reduce how much waste is generated at all. This means completing a survey or undertaking an audit to look at exactly how much waste is being produced, and where this can be cut back. This might mean using refillable water bottles rather than plastic cups or having a paperless office. The next most sustainable option is to recycle wherever possible, so having compost bins for leftover food or a dedicated bin for cardboard, glass and metal for example. This makes recycling faster and more energy efficient, which also contributes to a greener future.

How much do waste management companies cost?


There is no set price for waste management services because every customer is different. The total cost will vary according to the size of the business and the waste produced, as well as other factors such as frequency of collections. At Fresh Start we check every aspect of your waste management needs to ensure we offer the fairest price. We also advise on how you can make big and small changes to cut back on overall waste, which will save you money on collections and reduce your waste management costs.

What is the easiest way to recycle business waste?


The easiest way to recycle business waste is to use a simple recycling system. Having designated containers for different types of waste makes it straightforward when separating any waste. Educating employees on the importance of recycling and providing training on how to properly dispose of waste can also help make the process easier and more effective. Of course, using a waste management company that is committed to real recycling is also a positive and effective way to recycle business waste.

waste collections vehicle

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too good to go sustainability

Too Good To Go

Fresh Start is partnered with Too Good To Go, the world’s largest surplus food app.

forest carbon sustainability

Forest Carbon

We care about the environment. That’s why we we are one of the waste management companies in the UK who offset our carbon impact via Forest Carbon, a UK based tree planting scheme.

hospitality action donation

Hospitality Action

Fresh Start is the collector of choice for the hospitality sector in the North West. We decided to offer support to Hospitality Action, a charity that helps current & former workers who are struggling.

help feed the neighbourhood

Ending Food Poverty

We work with customers to reduce food waste at Fresh Start and ending food poverty, which is what The Trussell Trust have a vision to end.

end furniture poverty

End Furniture Poverty

At Fresh Start we like to create win-win scenarios. Rather than simply recycling unwanted household items, we find new homes for them through our work with Bulky Bobs, a social enterprise with a mission to ‘End Furniture Poverty.’

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“We have stayed with Fresh Start for a number of years as we are extremely happy with the service we provide. We have a dedicated account manager and always receive a personal service when we require an alteration. Fresh Start fulfil all our requirements and haven’t lost the ability to be flexible, agile and responsive to the changes in our waste and recycling collection schedule required.”

“Choosing a cost-effective, reliable and environmentally efficient waste partner meant Fresh Start was the obvious choice. Sean Martins, their Commercial Manager, has helped us transition to Fresh Start seemlessly.”

“Great service from Fresh Start since we started using their services in 2015. We have a very tight window that we need the collections to work within for our business and we never have any issues with this being met. We always have a 100% pick-up rate.”

“At Yotel, we place sustainability at the heart of everything we do and we are conscious of our impact on the environment and how we minimise our carbon footprint. Partnering with Fresh Start was the obvious thing to do as they are pioneers in their field and will help us meet our ambitious green targets.”

“We would wholeheartedly recommend Fresh Start to any Liverpool businesses, particularly those in the entertainment, leisure or hospitality sector, as the service is incredibly reliable, the recycling is maximised, the cost is competitive and the drivers are friendly and helpful to boot!”

“Great service from Fresh Start since we started using their services in 2015. We have a very tight window that we need the collections to work within for our business and we never have any issues with this being met. We always have a 100% pick-up rate.”

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