Household waste vs commercial waste collection


Most people create a large amount of waste without thinking. Whether the majority of waste is at home or at work, what you do with it is so integral to the waste disposal ecosystem.

Waste needs to be disposed of in the correct way. All waste wasn’t created equally, and needs to be understood where it came from. It is so important that household waste and commercial waste is dealt with differently and accordingly.

The ways you can determine the classification of the waste depends on how the waste was created, how much of it there is, and how difficult it can be to manage it.

What is household waste?

Household waste has a very straight-forward name. Also known as domestic waste, any waste product created through everyday tasks is to be considered as household waste. Food tins, packaging and old clothes would be considered as ‘nonhazardous’ household waste products, While cleaning supplies like bleach, batteries and highly flammable products need to be disposed of differently.

The distinction is important as even within household waste, the many types of products have to face different disposal techniques, mainly for the safety of workers.

Most of the time, any domestic waste will be collected by council-ran and council-hired waste services. However, there are some private companies who may also be able to help with household waste such as skip and van hire. In the situation where you have created a large amount of house waste that needs to be disposed of as soon as possible, you are also able to make use of local recycling centres. This can be helpful for garden projects, moving house, renovations, or just a general tidying.

What is commercial waste?

The yang to household waste’s yin, commercial waste is any waste that is created in the attempt to complete the work of a business. Vegetable skins from a restaurant? Business waste. Sawdust from a lumber yard? Business waste? Businesses usually produce significantly more waste than a household will. Also, compared to domestic waste, due to many businesses being in specialist areas, it is common to find business wastes producing more hazardous waste than the average household. The sheer amount of it, as well as the higher likelihood of danger in its disposal, means that most, if not all council-ran waste collection services, will not run the collection and disposal service for your business.

Every business in the UK that creates any type of waste legally has to manage and dispose or recycle it properly. However, like with residential bin collection you can’t necessarily use a council-ran recycling centre. As handy as it would be, you can’t just load up your van and take business waste to the tip like you can with your lawn clippings. Instead, you will need to look into finding a private waste removal service.

Household waste vs commercial waste

Fresh Start specialise in various types of commercial waste removal such as:


Due to UK laws, any oil used by businesses must be stored and disposed of in a safe way.

Waste oil can be harmful to the environment and therefore has to be disposed of by an accredited and approved provider. Fresh Start will provide you with oil storage containers allowing you to keep your oil in a way that fits with regulations. We will then be able to perform regular waste transportation and disposals in a safe manner.

Clinical waste

Clinical waste is considered as waste that comes from healthcare activities or from laboratories, that can also pose a threat to human health and the environment. Because of the dangers to health that comes with clinical waste, it is important that you dispose of it in the cleanest and safest way. Fresh Start Waste Services work with business in many medical sectors, helping them guarantee that their business waste is removed safely. Some of these sectors include:

  • Dentist Surgeries
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes

And many others

Secure shredding

As a business, alongside your environmental responsibilities, you will also need to comply with GDPR regulations. Not only because of the law, but as a way to assure your clients that you take their privacy seriously. Fresh Start provides fully compliant and confidential paper shredding service to businesses across the North West.

Utilising services offered by Fresh Start can give peace of mind to anyone who has concerns about working with you. Arranged pick-up times mean that you will witness the transferring of paperwork from one party to another. As well as this, our drivers are DBS checked to make sure your important information is in the hands of someone who can be trusted with it. To top things off, you will receive a certificate of destruction for the paper you provided.

Overall, although both household and business waste can be harmful to the environment if not disposed of correctly, different types of waste require specialised disposal methods. While household waste can often be collected by council-ran services or local recycling centres, business waste needs to be handled by private waste removal services.

Fresh Start are able to provide those waste management services to you and many other businesses across the whole of the North-West.

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