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A Fresh direction for waste


There are more efforts being made around the world to waste less and recycle more. Here at Fresh Start Waste, we ensure the waste we collect is on the green road to recovery.

Government figures reveal that the amount of waste diverted away from landfill is on the rise. Ever year, less waste is being buried underground and more is being recycled or recovered.

In 1994 there were in total 3,400 landfill sites in the UK, but an 83% reduction means that there are now just 564. In Lancashire and Greater Manchester alone, there are 27 registered sites, while over the coming years, landfill operators expect more closures around the country.

One measure that prompted this change is the introduction of the Landfill Tax in 1996 with the commercial and industrial sector generating approximately a quarter of all the waste in England.

Directing waste to landfill is now a very expensive pursuit for businesses and we have now reached a point in history where it is more costly to send waste to landfill than it is to recycle. Landfill currently costs £86.10 per tonne , and with prices set to rise in the coming years, companies across all sectors are being encouraged to deal with their waste in an environmentally friendly way.

To help businesses around the North West of England with their waste management and help follow strict environmental obligations, Fresh Start Waste provides a cost effective waste collection and disposal service, which is both practical and affordable.

fresh direction for waste

How is Fresh Start Waste on the green road?

While we are helping many other businesses to clean up, we always strive to find ways to become more environmentally friendly ourselves. It is one of our key values and major responsibilities as an established waste management service in the North West. We set the example for the rest, and are hugely proud of our green credentials.

One recent case study is of our extended efforts in Preston. Since the 2015 opening of our local depot, we have diverted thousands of tonnes of residual waste away from landfill. Instead, it went to ‘Energy From Waste’ plants. At these facilities, the waste is incinerated to make electricity, while any gas produced during the process is treated to remove pollutants.

This is a growing trend, in which more residual waste around the UK is ‘recovered’ to produce more power. Annually, we divert 25,000 tonnes of general waste away from landfill for energy generation.

However, on a national and international level, even with the current improvements in recycling, waste diversion and energy regeneration, much more needs to be done if we are to reach a zero waste economy. It is widely recognised that business, industry, and technical experts need to collaborate to help create innovative technologies and develop advanced, economical methods of manufacture and processes of recycling.

Here at Fresh Start Waste, we always invest in the latest technology available. Most recently, we have invested heavily in a fleet of modern, Euro 6 waste collection wagons, all of which are equipped with the latest weighing and satellite tracking technology.

They can also collect multiple waste streams at once due to having inbuilt dual compartments. This allows us to make fewer trips when collecting waste and emit much lower carbon emissions on the road.

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, recently announced an ‘Ultra Low Emission Zone’ to help tackle the poor air quality in the capital, which is linked to around 9,000 deaths in the city each year. As many of our wagons typically covers less than 60 miles per day and meet strict Euro 6 emissions standards, they would be exempt from any charges if ULEZs expand throughout the country.

As an environmentally conscience waste collection company, having a minimal impact on our surroundings is crucial when it comes to renewing our fleet. Our vehicles are here to collect waste, not generate more, and we certainly play our part in keep airborne pollutants as low as possible in the towns and cities of the North West.

Through our green energy generation routes and our recycling efforts, we deliver over 35,000 tonnes of carbon saving each year, a number which looks set to increase as we grow. The message from Fresh Start is clear: we’re more than ready for any changes in environmental legislation, which in turn means that our prices will remain competitive.

We absolutely want to go further along this green road, finding fresh approaches to waste management and helping more businesses along the way.

fresh direction for waste
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