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Commercial waste removal in Preston lights up the North


Commercial waste removal in Preston is what we have been doing every day since we opened up our depot in the area over two years ago.

One of our key values has always been to help protect the environment, a value we endeavour to uphold. We aim to avoid landfill whenever and where ever practical, either through recycling or utilising renewable energy technology.

Our preference is to direct all residual waste to an ‘Energy from waste’ (EfW) facility. From there, energy is “rescued” from the waste materials. The released energy is then used for either electrical or heating purposes, in turn supplying the wider community with light and warmth. So you could say, we literally do help to light up Preston and the North.

Energy regeneration from waste is certainly a great achievement. However, the most important result from this process is that the environment is protected from damaging carbon emissions and polluting materials.

So how does our commercial waste removal in Preston generate more energy?

Once collected, waste is dropped and incinerated in huge furnaces. This process of combustion creates intense heat and pressurised steam which then powers turbines and generators.

Our success story

Last year, we collected and diverted 4,422 tonnes of commercial waste from landfill. That is the equivalent in weight to 4.5 million 1kg bags of sugar. This diversion also equated to a saving of 2,211 tonnes of carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere.

Based on approx. surveyed figures, we have helped to power over 60,000 homes, equivalent to the size Preston. In line with the increasing size of television screens, we have helped to power the equivalent of 300 x 70inch LED televisions, 3 hours a day for a year. The power generated alternatively could be used to run over a million A+ tall fridge freezer per year or 8 million laptops. I believe you’d agree, that’s a lot of power!

The amount of waste recovered for energy reproduction has increased year on year across the UK. It’s reported that between 2014-2019 the number of plants turning waste into energy would have increased by 135%.

Councils in England need to meet stiff environmental and financial targets. Avoiding landfill and the annual landfill tax rise is pivotal to achieving success. Unfortunately for us all, tax rises are simply passed down to the consumer. The best way of controlling such increases, is to avoid them. So Fresh Start Waste and the waste management sector, in general, are essential organisations to help protect the environment and to stabilise the local economy.

Do you need commercial waste removal in Preston?

We are making good progress, growing year on year with plans for further expansion. When we first opened we had four waste wagons operating in the area and now have six. We are covering more ground and helping a larger portion of businesses with their waste. Preston is a story of success; seeing us collect and recycling more waste every year.

Fresh Start Waste is an ever-expanding waste collection company; growing each year that passes. Thus having more capacity to take on new clients.

So does your business need commercial waste removal in Preston or elsewhere in the North West? Contact us for a free waste audit and quote

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