02.12.2018 | Recycling tips

Waste collection at Christmas


Waste collection is important all year round but even more so at Christmas for restaurants, bars and hotels, where waste volumes can double.

This spike saw trading numbers increase by 2.2% compared to the previous year, requiring even more waste collections to cope with the extra demand. Such seasonal fluctuations require more than good will to stop a business from sinking under a mound of waste. Step up Fresh Start Waste Services. For the last 10 years, we’ve played our part in keeping Manchester buzzing, by taking on the responsibility of removing and recycling higher levels of rubbish. Everything done in a safe, clean and ethical manner.

Behind our success story you’ll find teams of dedicated staff, ensuring routes are carefully scheduled, additional vehicles routed and drivers rostered. Everything is completely thought through, checked and checked again. It’s our commitment to detail that means what we do goes unnoticed, just the way we like it. We’d rather have our customers focusing on delivering their customers experience, rather than fretting on what to do with additional glass, food or card waste.

Waste collection in numbers

In December, 645 tonnes of glass were collected, equal to the combined weight of 1.3 million million wine bottles. Laid end to end, the bottles would stretch from Manchester to London. The environmental benefits of recycling glass are considerable, not least carbon saving but also reduction in energy usage.

Recycling and environmental impact is a key concern to Fresh Start. Many of our wagons have a dual compartment; which allows the collection of multiple waste streams in one site visit. We have fitted our waste wagons with the most up to date technology; including the latest tracking and weighing equipment; our vehicles are designed with the aim of collecting, transporting and recycling waste, effectively and efficiently.

Additional recycling figures reveal more of the same story. We collected and diverted to UK paper mills over 226 tonnes of cardboard, saving the need to cut down for pulping close to 4,000 trees, and diverted for green energy production over 450 tonnes of food waste.

waste collection at christmas
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