02.03.2016 | Social Value

Fresh Start, waist watching for Comic Relief.


This year’s Comic Relief was the best yet, collecting over £78,000,000 for charitable causes. As keen eaters of cakes, the team at Fresh Start decided to play their part by baking and selling many of their favourite cakes.

On the day of the event, many staff could be seen driving carefully into the carpark with their precious cargoes. Once unloaded, the office desk was quite literally, straining under the weight, along with cupboards struggling to handle the sudden influx of tupperware.

To pay homage to the great Winston Churchill, “never have so many owed so much to so few”. The capacity of some key members of staff to force themselves to buy and consume cake after cake was, and is, quite simply, inspirational. One of the Managers, who will remain nameless, played a full and active part in eating 9 + cakes.

At the end of the day we’d cleared all the plates and raised £110, which was doubled to £220 by a single contribution from the Directors of the business.

As we look forward to next year’s event with a lick of the lips, we know there are many calories that need to be burnt off, but if you can’t add calories in the support of a fabulous cause, then what can you do…

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comic relief fs waste
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