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Fresh Start name new wagon after employee.


We are delighted to announce that the latest addition to our waste collection fleet is to be named after a member of our staff.

Megan Wharmby is a Traffic Controller who has been an integral part of Fresh Start for the past three years. In fact, she has made such an impression that we feel this is the ultimate way to immortalise her into the history of the company.

A whirlwind of enthusiasm and positivity, the animal-loving Beyoncé fan may have had an unusual route into working in waste management (she studied fashion at university) but none of us would change a thing.

Speaking about the accolade, Megan says “I absolutely love it here at Fresh Start, and although I know that it’s a massive cliché, the people here really are like a second family to me.

“I can’t imagine that too many people dream of having a bin lorry or wagon named after them, but this is such an honour and let’s face it, it’s going to last a lot longer than a bouquet of flowers!

new Fresh Start Waste

Fresh Start CEO, Nicola McGrath, is similarly positive about the latest award recipient. “Megan has proven herself time and time again, and goes the extra mile to help promote the business in a positive light.

“Whether that’s getting involved in company-wide events such as our recent Bake Off, getting dressed up as one of Santa’s helpers at Christmas, or just being an all-round positive influence, she’s a joy to have around the place.”

We have traditionally named our latest wagons after close family members but also named our 30th vehicle after world champion arm-wrestler, Agnieska Gorzynska, an athlete we have sponsored for the past few years.

Megan is a more than worthy addition to this list of employees having a wagon named after them, and her namesake will be working on delivering bins to new and existing customers across the North West.

See more about Fresh Start’s waste services including collection, waste management and recycling services. Alternatively, call us on 0808 178 1066 or email info@fswaste.co.uk.

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