Fresh Start Waste helps UK net zero carbon target by supporting UK tree planting programme.


Carbon conscious Fresh Start Waste, who offer commercial waste collections with a recycling focus across the North West of England, have continued their ongoing pledge to sustainability in supporting Forest Carbon’s programme of planting new native woodland in the UK, at a project in the Lake District.

As part of their commitment to providing a sustainable waste management solution to businesses, Fresh Start have invested heavily in energy efficient vehicles as well as technology to ensure route planning of collections are as efficient as possible, resulting in lower carbon output year on year proportionately.

Through supporting a UK-based tree planting programme, run by Forest Carbon, Fresh Start enabled the capture of 1742 tonnes of CO2 to address its footprint for the year.

Since 2006, Forest Carbon have planted more than 9.5 million trees in 185 new UK woodlands with the support of partners such as Fresh Start. The woodlands are all independently audited and certified under the UK Woodland Carbon Code, which provides assurance around the carbon savings achieved.

Nicola McGrath, CEO of Fresh Start Waste said “As a family business who cares about our staff, our customers and the wider environment, we have always committed to responsibly minimising our environmental impact. We chose to support Forest Carbon, as their tree planting programmes are entirely UK-based, meaning we are doing the right thing in our home location.”

“In recognition of the carbon impact of our operations in 2019, we are investing in woodland creation in the UK that will not only capture our CO2 over time, but will also offer a host of other benefits, including flood alleviation, water quality improvements, habitat creation, employment, public access, sustainable timber and cleaner air. We are mitigating our activities, and also helping the UK landscape and economy adapt to a new climate.”

supporting uk tree planting

Stephen Prior, Director at Forest Carbon said ”Forward thinking businesses like Fresh Start Waste are making a significant contribution to the UK meeting its Net Zero targets and in a way that benefits wider society. When we visited the woodland creation project together last year it was clear how committed they were to playing their part in tackling climate change.” Find out more about Fresh Start Waste and our Carbon Commitment.

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