Tree planting programme going well.


Amidst the current gloomy situation we find ourselves in, at Fresh Start we wanted to share some positive news about the saplings we planted as part of our Carbon Offsetting programme.

We commit as an organisation to minimising our carbon impact year on year and then offsetting the carbon impact we do have, through a tree planting initiative, creating a new native woodland right here in the Penrith, Cumbria in the UK.

The importance of carbon reduction cannot be under-estimated and with the Government pledging to net zero strategy of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, Fresh Start Waste are doing their bit to ensure the impact of running their essential business is neutralised through the tree planting initiative programme.

tree planting programme

Here’s a few snapshots of how the sapling planted last year are getting on. We’re proud to say they’re doing really well!

tree planting programme
tree planting programme

Not only do these trees absorb harmful CO2 which contributes to global warming, they also provide a natural habitat to support wildlife and smaller plants to flourish.

We support our many customers in their mission to work with a waste management provider who not only provides an excellent service which focuses on recycling, for a great price but enacts their promise to being a sustainable waste management provider.

tree planting programme
Fresh Start Waste truck, forest carbon

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