The benefits of commercial skip and bin hire for businesses


Having a bulky waste container such as a skip or RoRo on site at your business is a lot more beneficial than you may first think.

Whether large or small scale, your business may create much more waste than you may think. It may be in your best interest to begin looking for a waste management partner. Fresh Start offer not only commerical skips and bins for hire, but also the removal and management of commercial waste.

But how exactly can they help your business? We compiled six essential ways how our commercial skip hire services can benefit you.

Fresh Start’s hands-on approach!

We aim help our clients from start to finish. Knowing how your business works, how you currently manage your waste and the issues you face with waste allow us to help you as effectively as possible. It also gives us a chance to meet our clients. Knowing who you are helps develop a personal business relationship, which is essential in a world becoming more and more digital.

We frequently audit our customer’s waste, as we are aware businesses change over time, as does their waste. Doing this allows us to identify improvements along the way.

Our audit will not only include looking at the amount of items in your bins but could also include your hazardous waste, washroom waste, confidential waste, and bulky item waste.

Cost effective

Hiring a skip is a wallet-friendly solution for your waste management issues. Thanks to the range of sizes skips and RoRos can come in, you can find an option that fits your requirements and your budget. You might not have much room in your budget for waste management. Fresh Start are a competitively priced waste management provider, meaning you won’t be paying more than you need to for disposal.

Our skips can fit your business, no matter how much space you have

Luckily, our container range starts as small as 8 cubic-yards, allowing them to fit on the road out front, or the alley out back (permission provided). This makes them perfect for smaller, independent businesses. Larger companies, or workspaces such as schools will create copious amounts of waste. Our RoRos are perfect for managing these kinds of waste disposal needs.

It creates a safer work environment

A buildup of waste at your place of work can create hazards for workers, leading to an unsafe working environment. This is why containers are perfect as a business waste management solution.

First, we have fully enclosed skips as part of our offering, meaning you are safe from intruders, who are potentially trying to access your waste. If your business produces hazardous waste, having an overflowing bin can create a dangerous environment. With regular collection and removal from Fresh Start, you won’t have to worry about this happening.

It saves you time

Managing your business’ waste is no longer a task you need to take care of. By leaving the work to us, you can use that additional time for more productive tasks. When you begin making use of a Fresh Start skip, we will also find you a regular collection schedule that best fits you.


We make sure that we recycle and sustainably dispose of any waste that comes our way. Paper, plastic, cardboard and glass all start the journey of becoming something new with Fresh Start.

Recycling won’t become an additional burden on you. Instead, it will be left in the hands of the experts. Without any extra hassle, you and your company will be doing your part to reduce unnecessary waste. Utilising our skip hire service also helps you to keep in line with any ESG policies in place.

Having a reliable commercial skip partner significantly streamlines your business operations. Not only will it save you money and time, but it also ensures a safer, cleaner, and more sustainable working environment.

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, our range of containers and regular collections can accommodate your needs.

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