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Standing Up to Cancer at Fresh Start Waste


As part of their culture Fresh Start Waste supported Stand Up to Cancer with their very own bake-off fundraising event.

As a community focused, family-run waste management company Fresh Start Waste are known for their support of local charities, and this month staff baked up some tasty treats which turned into a whole load of ‘dough’ for life-saving research.

Sean Martins, Commercial Manager at Fresh Start Waste commented “Our team are always willing to participate in fundraising activities, especially this one to ‘raise’ some lifesaving ‘dough’. They know that every ‘crumb’ makes a real difference. ‘Muffin’ gets better than tasting the fantastic bakes which were ‘kneaded’ to raise the money. Seriously though, competition was fierce, and it was a really close call to pick a winner, as none had soggy bottoms!

standing up to cancer

The winner was Star Baker Lara, who took home the coveted apron, with very worthy runners up being Stu and Lorna.

A total of £250 was raised for Cancer Research UK through their ‘Stand Up to Cancer’ campaign, made famous by the Channel 4 tv show.

Businesses can visit Fresh Start’s recently launched new website at to find out more about Fresh Start’s wide-reaching and comprehensive social value programme.

standing up to cancer
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