Fresh Start continues to invest in staff development.


Eight managers from Fresh Start Waste Services have received support and investment from our business to obtain a prestigious national leadership qualification.

They have each earned a Level 4 Award, Certificate and Diploma from the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) – certifying that they have the knowledge, personal abilities and technical skills needed to be an effective manager.

“We strive to consistently improve our leadership and have invested in this course for our Fresh Start management team as part of their ongoing development,” says our HR Manager, Dean Burrows.

“We are one team and each of us aims to be aware of everyone’s individual needs; therefore, this qualification is designed to deepen our managers’ understanding of their role, their impact on others and how they’re seen so that Fresh Start is a great place to work.”

Our Senior Commercial Development Manager, Sean Martins, was among those who began studying for the course last November. His primary role is to ensure our customers have the waste management infrastructure required to grow their businesses in exciting new directions.

“Knowing when to contact a customer and the best way of doing so is an important judgement call that I make every day,” he explains. “Giving the management team the opportunity to learn more about the psychology of communication from some of the best training providers in the country is a great statement of intent from Fresh Start. It shows we are continually investing in exemplary customer service so we can lead the way in waste management.

‘This is not one of those courses where you just show up and get a certificate at the end of it. It has required self-reflection and active participation – sitting down with around 20 other people in similar roles to yourself and listening to different perspectives. I feel sharper and excited to pass on my learning to those I help in my mentorship role, which can only be a good thing for our colleagues and customers.”

managers gain leadership

Other team members to complete the course include Yard Manager, Alex Rooney, and Recycling Manager, Kenny Southern. They work in partnership to lead a team of Mobile Plant Operatives and Recycle Centre Operators based at our Materials Recovery Facility in Swinton.

“We have a great team in place with clear goals and objectives,” says Kenny, who has been with Fresh Start for nine years. “We have daily get-togethers and involve the team in our meetings so that everything just flows. Many of our colleagues have long service, which reflects that Fresh Start is a great place to work.

‘I learned a lot about my areas of strength and how I can improve during the ILM course. It helped me to identify my own management style and to think about how I can take an individual approach to supporting each team member.”

managers gain leadership

Sales Manager Craig Cooney, Customer Service Manager Sam Taylor, Finance Manager Mandy Shaw, Operations Co-Ordinator Emma Rogers and Transport Manager Kirsty Atherton also gained their ILM certificates.

Kirsty says she is honoured to be a manager at Fresh Start and to head-up the Transport Department: “I appreciate the company’s investment in me as a person to improve my management style, as I take my responsibilities to develop my team very seriously. I found the course to be very insightful in terms of learning new techniques for providing direction, facilitating innovation and achieving results.”

Each participant committed to a year-long study programme involving the submission of three assignments; they also took part in several group sessions at the Total Excellence Centre in Bolton.

“Learning offsite alongside other companies has enriched our Managers’ experience,” adds Dean. “Some have expressed interest in continuing their studies and progressing on to Level 5, which is about technical knowledge, strategic insight and practical expertise.

‘Excitingly, we are also exploring the possibility of bringing more Supervisors on at Level 3 – supporting them to acquire the skills and knowledge to lead, organise and motivate teams.”

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