Fresh Start Waste Services Shortlisted for Safety and Health Excellence Awards 2024


Fresh Start Waste Services is thrilled to announce that we have been shortlisted in the esteemed category of ‘Best Use of Health and Safety Data to Lower Incident Rates’ at the Safety and Health Excellence Awards 2024. This prestigious recognition underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence in safety management and innovation.


The Safety and Health Excellence Awards honour organisations that demonstrate exceptional dedication to health and safety practices, and being shortlisted for an award in this category is a testament to our ongoing efforts to prioritise the well-being of our employees and others influenced by our activities.


John Huckstepp, Head of HR & Safety at Fresh Start Waste Services, expressed his gratitude for the nomination, stating, “We are honoured to be recognised for our proactive approach to health and safety. At Fresh Start Waste Services, safety is at the core of everything we do, and this nomination reflects the hard work and dedication of our entire team.”


John continued, “We believe in the power of data to identify and mitigate risks, improve workplace safety, change behaviours and ultimately reduce incident rates. This nomination validates our efforts to leverage health and safety data to create a safer work environment for everyone.”


Fresh Start Waste Services’ innovative approach to health and safety data management includes the collection and analysis of a wide range of metrics, including incident reports, near-miss data, safety observations, and employee feedback. By closely monitoring these indicators, the company proactively identify potential hazards and implement a wide and creative range of measures to mitigate risks.


“We prioritise employee engagement and participation in our safety initiatives,” John added. “By fostering a culture of safety awareness and accountability, we empower all our team members to actively contribute to our safety efforts and promote a safer work environment.”


As Fresh Start Waste Services eagerly awaits the final results of the Safety and Health Excellence Awards, the company remains committed to its mission of promoting a culture of safety, health and well-being in the workplace. With a continued focus on safety excellence and innovation, Fresh Start Waste Services is dedicated to driving positive change and setting new standards for safety management in the industry.


For more information about the Safety and Health Excellence Awards 2024 and to view the full list of finalists, please visit HSM Search.


Stay tuned for updates as Fresh Start Waste Services eagerly anticipates the announcement of the winners.

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