Our Recycling Facility

At Fresh Start we believe the concept of “zero to landfill” is an absolute minimum. In 2020, Fresh Start Waste Services completed a £750k investment in our Materials Recovery Facility to maximise the recovery of recyclable materials.

How We Recover Your Waste

Our commitment to truly moving customers up the waste hierarchy extends from our waste reduction programmes, to ensuring as much waste which cannot be reused as possible is recycled, as opposed to being over reliant upon waste to energy facilities which still have the potential to harm our environment.

Our new facility is testament to this goal, and allows us to remove metal, cardboard, plastic and paper from the conveyor belt system, with some waste manually picked on our picking line and metal for example being captured by an overband magnet. All waste passes through the facility twice to ensure maximum recycling levels are achieved. This results in a reduction of residual waste which is then sent trough a Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) process.

Please see the below video which gives you look inside the operational side of maximising recycling of waste collected at Fresh Start Waste Services.


Our Recycling Services

Waste Minimization

Fresh Start provides customers with a site survey where we explore the recoverability of waste as we look for ways to minimise waste from being produced.

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Segregation At Source

Implementing a common sense waste policy and providing internal bins to aid segregation, and corresponding external bins that are colour coded and well signed.

Our Container Range

Materials Recovery Facility

Where waste reaches our facility an intensive picking line recovers recyclate from General Waste and sorts waste streams from Dry
Mixed Recycling.

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