Our Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) have been designed to handle a range of materials including paper, card, glass, cans, plastics, wood and food. After separation, the materials are sorted and sent on for UK reprocessing.


Ideally located just outside the M60 ring road, our 2 acre site has been providing recycling support since it opened its’ doors in 2010. Incorporating a 50 tonne weighbridge with computerised; weighing, accounting, integrated CCTV, automatic number plate recognition cameras. Updating and maintaining detailed records has never been easier.

Designed to cope with high volumes of recycling, the site is equipped with a fully automated baler, capable of exerting 80 tonnes of force in the production of 500 kg + bales. This is supported with a bank of semi-automatic balers for handling mixed films, LDPE and other balable recyclates, plus an aluminium can baler.

Metals are streamed into ferrous and non-ferrous groups as they run up an automatic conveyor and pass under an edi-current separator and overhead magnets. Ferrous metals include different types of steel such as mild steel stainless steel and iron. Non-ferrous metals include aluminium, brass, copper and lead.

Operating 7 days a week, the technology is organised to allow ease of segregation with defined recycling bays set up for glass, food and wood. These are all supported with bulk containers and mobile compactors for ease of movement.


Positioned in the heart of Lancashire, our new facility in Preston is set with growth in mind. Providing a base for 4 collection vehicles, the site has a fully equipped and computerised 32 tonne weighbridge.

This single acre site provides an ideal platform to support our increasing numbers of clients wishing to improve their own recycling credentials. Set up with a mobile compactors, balers and bulk containers, the flexibility delivers true value.