Here at Fresh Start, we like to get things right from the start, and that means helping our customers choose the right container.

Wheelie Bins

Available on a scheduled collection basis, our wheelie bins are a popular option for a variety of commercial wastes, from glass and food waste, to general waste, card and mixed recycling. Sizes range from 140 – 1100 litres.

Front End Loaders

Front end loaders (FELs) are perfect where space is limited, and is a popular option for those producing larger volumes of dry, compactable waste. Easily accessible, the static unit features an easy to use lid. Sizes range from 6 – 10 yards3.


Available on a contract or on a call off basis, our open, enclosed and lockable skips range from 8 – 12 yards3, and are a great way for dealing with bulky waste items.

Roll-on Roll-off Containers

Ranging from 20 – 40 yards3, our high capacity roll-on roll-off containers are ideal for retail, industrial, manufacturing, and construction operations where high volumes or bulky and heavy non compactable waste is generated.

High Volume Food Containers

Ranging from 20 – 30 yards3, open or enclosed, our fully sealed high volume food containers are ideal for moving large volumes of waste food materials.


Available on a scheduled collection basis, our general waste and recycling sacks are the perfect solution when space for bins or containers is lacking.

Compactors & Baling Equipment

For organisations producing larger volumes of waste or recyclables, we can reduce the number of collections by using compaction and baling equipment. This achieves maximum payloads for every container, significantly reducing unnecessary journeys, easing fuel consumption and enhancing your environmental performance.