Another successful reuse programme to end furniture poverty in Liverpool


Continuing its commitment, Bulky Bob’s and Fresh Start Waste collaborate with the End Furniture Poverty charity. This partnership focuses on a vital reuse project: to reuse furniture and combat poverty. They aim to provide a second lease of life to reusable furniture from Vita Student Liverpool. The emphasis is on reducing furniture waste and helping those in need within the community.

Breaking down furniture into core materials is a common and effective recycling method for furniture at the end of its usability. Yet, certain discarded furniture can still serve a purpose for those in furniture poverty, particularly items left by accommodation providers. These pieces can be reused, offering a valuable lifeline to vulnerable members of society struggling with furniture poverty.

Vita Student Liverpool is a short walk to the Universities and the city centre. Located on Crosshall Street, it provides the world’s best student living experience in the city. Vita Student is constantly looking for ways to reduce its impact on the environment and its valuable resources. Fresh Start actively pushes for waste reduction and reuse, aiming to elevate customers on the waste hierarchy. They organised the collection, inspection and cleaning of items like mattresses, fridges, microwaves, TVs, kettles and toasters for Bulky Bob’s. Their mission to End Furniture Poverty involves distributing these items to city residents experiencing furniture poverty.

For instance, annually, more than 7 million mattresses are discarded, while 20 million people struggle to afford vital furniture like beds. In response, Bulky Bob’s pioneered the UltraClean mattress cleaning machine. This innovative device cleans mattresses to a hospital operating theatre’s impeccable cleanliness, ensuring their reuse for those in need. Following cleaning Bulky Bob’s then passes reused mattresses to those most in need, in its reuse project mission to End Furniture Poverty.

reuse project ending furniture poverty

Sean Martins, Commercial Manager at Fresh Start Waste, noted, “Vita Student focuses on minimising impact and maximising sustainability.”

“He added, “Working with us to reuse items showcases their commitment to practical sustainability.”

“Martins expressed gratitude, stating, “Thanks to Bulky Bob’s team for their work helping those in furniture poverty.”

Sian Worthy, Regional Manager at Vita Student Liverpool, expressed, “We’re thrilled to support Fresh Start and Bulky Bob’s in their mission to end Furniture Poverty.”

“She emphasised, “Extending product lifecycles through advanced cleaning tech and reaching those in need aligns with our initiatives.”

“Sian expressed hope, stating, “We trust these items will bring happiness to many.”

Shaun Doran, CEO at Bulky Bob’s said “A huge thank you to Fresh Start Waste and Vita Student for working with us on this reuse programme. We hope this will be an ongoing relationship. Our hope is that more student accommodation providers can follow lead and do the same via their waste management company. It’s a great partnership with Fresh Start Waste. They genuinely focus on moving their customers up the waste hierarchy to reuse. This allow us to help those most in need get essential furniture items they so urgently need.”

This collaborative reuse project ending furniture poverty is a testament to the power of collective efforts. Let us strive to create a lasting impact and bring an end to furniture poverty in our communities.

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