Mobile phone recycling at Fresh Start Waste supports Oxfam


As part of their continued commitment to maximising recycling, carbon conscious Fresh Start Waste are supporting Oxfam by recycling their mobile phones.

The social value programme at Fresh Start Waste is wide ranging, from supporting a UK-based tree planting programme to offset carbon, to reusing furniture items to End Furniture Poverty, to sponsoring Hospitality Action who look after those struggling in the hospitality industry and supporting Too Good To Go who have a goal to minimise food waste. Fresh Start are always looking at ways to make a positive difference.

Company mobile phones, of which there are over 100, will be recycled through the Oxfam programme. Staff are also encouraged to donate their personal phones which they no longer want or need.

mobile phone recycling supporting oxfam

Oxfam and its recycling partners like Fresh Start Waste help turn mobile phones, gadgets and computers into money – to go towards their work around the world to end poverty.

Mobile phones get thoroughly checked and if they can be refurbished, they’ll be repackaged and put to good re-use. Unusable mobiles are passed on to specialist recyclers. These people are environmentally friendly and responsible. They dismantle every part safely – including every bit from the battery – for re-use in the industry.

mobile phone recycling supporting oxfam
Fresh Start Waste truck, forest carbon

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