Lucas wants to be…. A bin man!


Super keen Lucas from Handforth in Cheshire wears his home designed bin man costume with pride at his school’s F2 event, as he loves his Fresh Start bin lorry drivers so much!

When 4 year old Lucas was asked to dress up as something he aspires to be for Aspirations Ignition Day at his school, there was simply one thing on his mind. “I want to be a bin man like the Fresh Start drives” he told his mum.



lucas bin man

Marina commented “Lucas has always been obsessed with the Fresh Start bin lorry coming on bin collection day. His love of Fresh Start bin lorries started during lockdown when he would watch the crew empty the bins at one of the businesses across the road from our home. He’s aware of other waste collection companies but Fresh Start Waste is his favourite, even changing his favourite colour to “orange-like fresh bins” and he wants to be a “Fresh bin man” when he’s older.”


lucas bin man

“Thanks so much to Sean and the Fresh Start team for helping with his costume by providing a hi-viz and artwork to go on the side of his home-made bin lorry costume. If he’s not home when the bins across the road are emptied, he makes us video them and watches the clips after school!”

lucas bin man

Sean Martins, Commercial Manager at Fresh Start Waste commented “We were delighted to hear from Marina, Lucas’ mum, and were proud to see him donning his costume with pride, reading our brochure and drawing amazing pictures of our bins. We hope one day he will contact us to fulfil his dream of joining our business waste and recycling collections team.”

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lucas binman
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