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Inaugural customer satisfaction survey.


The results

In November 2014, Fresh Start carried out its first inaugural customer satisfaction survey so that we could receive feedback from our valued customers, to ensure we are providing a quality service.

We put our customers at the centre of what we do, so to hear their comments allows us to provide the service that they require. It is important for us to know how we are getting on, what we are doing well and any areas that we could improve upon.

After analysing the data received, we were delighted with the results . . .

The graph illustrates a summary of our findings

We found that 93% of customers rate the quality of our service and 91% of customers are happy with the service we provide.

Also, 89% of customers said we were good at responding and answering their questions. 85% of customers would recommend our services.

Finally, over 50% have remained a Fresh Start customer for over two years, (with 20% staying with us for over 4 years of the 8 years we have been trading)

Fresh Start would like to say a huge thank you to all that have taken part in our survey.

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