Easter comes early at Fresh Start

Charity starts in the office

The joy brought to the staff at Fresh Start during donations for Comic Relief encouraged us to be charitable once again! When we heard about an opportunity to contribute to Gingers Egg Run we knew that we had to be involved.

Having not previously taken part in the event, we were keen to find out more…

Gingers Egg Run is in its 28th Year and was started by Kevin ‘Ginger’ Lawton, who was part of the Bolton Spartans Scooter Club. Kevin generously decided to collect Easter eggs for children who are in hospital over the Easter period, which has now proven to be a growing event. Year on year the egg run sees hundreds of scooter fanatics gathering together to make this such a unique occasion.


Get collecting

If there is one thing the Fresh Start ladies and gents enjoy its chocolate! But even more so donating it to the poorly children in The Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. Each member of staff kindly donated a couple of eggs to the charity, with the Director providing a whopping 20! As hard as it was to resist the mass collection of eggs, they did arrive safely with the event co-ordinators and then on to the children.


The big day

On Saturday the 21st March, the ‘Big Day’ had arrived and there certainly was an ‘egg’-cess amount of eggs delivered to the Children’s hospital.  With a rally of scooters and their donations in tow, two transit van loads and the number of eggs increasing with people generously donating as they travelled, the day was a huge success!

The overall amount of eggs was certain to put a smile on the children’s faces and the staff of Fresh Start were pleased to have played a part in this special day.

The event sees around 1,000 riders gathered at Lowton, Wigan to take part in the festivities, with people coming from all over the UK and Ireland coming to take part.


Overall, the event was a reported success, and Fresh Start praises the organisers and everyone that took part.

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