Real Recycling top marks for brand new Manchester hotel Qbic with Fresh Start Waste

Challenging traditional stereotypes, Qbic is reinventing the concept of affordable hotels by focusing on what matters to its stylish, savvy, environmentally-responsible guests. With this in mind Fresh Start Waste, who offer a ‘Real Recycling’ solution to businesses across the City Centre and beyond were the obvious partner for Qbic Manchester’s waste and recycling strategy.

Tree planting programme going well

Amidst the current gloomy situation we find ourselves in, at Fresh Start we wanted to share some positive news about the saplings we planted as part of our Carbon Offsetting programme.

Is Polystyrene Recyclable?

Is polystyrene recyclable in the UK? Yes. However, it isn’t recycled as often as it could be…

Does Santa Claus Recycle?

Father Christmas has a very modern outlook on life, as seen in revealing documentaries such as Elf and Santa Claus: The Movie. This extends to his attitude towards recycling.