Positive Futures

Positive Futures is a youth development charity supporting young people in Liverpool.

They believe in Empowering young people to achieve their potential – and their team are committed to supporting every young person to achieve that potential. They do this through their open access, targeted support work and personal development interventions which collectively, support thousands of young people in Liverpool every year.

As an organisation with a commitment to minimising environmental impact, Positive Futures partnered with Fresh Start Waste who are both family-run and operate a zero waste to landfill policy, to deliver their regular waste collection service.

Positive Futures

The service includes collection on a regular basis of their mixed general waste, which is processed at Fresh Start Waste’s materials recovery facility where recyclable material is removed, and residual non-recyclable waste is then processed as Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) at an energy from waste facility, to generate green energy to power North West homes.

Positive Futures recycling

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