Carbon Offsetting Programme expands to support hydro-electricity project at Fresh Start Waste


Fresh Start have this year expanded their tree planting carbon offsetting programme to support the Baspa Hydro-electricity generation project in India.

In 2018 Fresh Start Waste joined forces with Forest Carbon, accredited by the Woodland Carbon Code to grow forestation on 13.5 acres of land dedicated to Fresh Start Waste Services. This planting scheme saw over 7,500 trees planted which, once mature, will offset 2,125 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Each year the carbon conscious waste and recycling collector has continued to support the tree planting programme in the UK, but this year has expanded to additionally contribute towards eco-friendly electricity generation harnessing hydro power as a greener alternative to burning fossil fuels in India, one of the most intensively populated countries in the world.

In 2022 the Forest Carbon approved carbon capture certificate details the Fresh Start Waste carbon offsetting programme. It shows 2103 tonnes of CO2 have been mitigated into total split between the two projects. 1082 tonnes are offset through the tree planting programme in Cumbria, and 1021 tonnes offset through the Verra VCS certified Baspa hydro-electricity project.

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