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Top five ways to recycle plastic in your business


In today’s business world, recycling is more important than ever before. Not only is it good for the environment but it can also save your company money in the long term. Tonnes of plastic waste is thrown away every year, and it can be reused to create new products or items.

Plastic is one of the most commonly recycled materials and there are many ways to recycle it in your business. Here are the top five ways to recycle plastic in your business from Fresh Start Waste:

1. Implement a plastic recycling policy in your business

When businesses recycle plastic, it has a positive impact on your company. From resource identification to the implementation of plastic recycling processes, a plastic recycling policy can help your business cut costs while also supporting sustainable missions. With plastic pollution becoming an ever-present global challenge, taking action now to prevent plastic waste in your business is crucial.

2. Educate your employees on the importance of recycling plastic

Recycling plastic is a simple but powerful way to reduce your ecological footprint for your business. Educate your employees about recycling plastic. Show them how this works and how it can help the environment. This will help make sure that recycling plastic becomes a regular part of your company’s practices.

It is important to have employees who know about recycling programs, laws, and how to properly recycle plastics. This will help to create a sustainable business culture. Investing in the education of your employees on recycling plastic can be one more way to demonstrate your business’s commitment to sustainability and reducing waste.

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3.  Separate plastic for recycling

When it comes to plastic, sorting and separating your waste is essential for it to be effectively recycled. From plastic bags to food packaging, plastic needs to be sorted correctly so it can be sent off for recycling. Having the right recycling containers in your workplace is a good way to make sure that waste is separated properly. This could mean having separate bins for different types of plastics and paper or even having one central collection point.

Plastics are permanent; they do not break down in landfills and can be transformed into various useful items. As such, by recycling rather than discarding it into the environment we take an important step towards preserving our planet for future generations to enjoy!

Mixed plastics are a common material found in a variety of discarded products, and recycling these materials is essential to reducing plastic pollution. Mixed plastic items can be difficult to identify and separate, but when done correctly they can be recycled into a range of new products. Investing in resources to help with recycling can reduce pollution from plastics.

Designate bins for collecting different types of plastics like PET, HDPE, LDPE or other common types of plastic. All employees should then know which bin to place their recyclable plastics in. Doing this will save money for your business. There will be less plastic sent to places where it is not supposed to be. Also, recycling will be easier and more efficient.

4. Reduce the amount of plastic waste produced by your business

Making an effort to reduce the plastic waste created by your business is a smart way to reduce your company’s environmental footprint. By reducing the amount of plastic used in operations and customer service, you can reduce the strain it puts on our planet’s resources.

There are several ways to reduce plastic consumption in your business. This includes using reusable or compostable materials instead of single-use plastics, implementing recycling initiatives for customers or staff and opting for shipping materials made with recycled content. Introducing these ideas into your day-to-day operations can help you create a more sustainable future for generations to come.

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5. Support businesses that are environmentally friendly

Every business has the opportunity to make environmentally conscious decisions and, quite often, it can be an easy and money-saving decision. One of the best ways to ensure you are minimising environmental waste is to support businesses that are proactively creating environmentally friendly products or services. “Green” businesses often utilise sustainable practices that do not deplete natural resources, reduce plastic reliance and use renewable sources of energy.

Instead of contributing to “throw-away plastic”, look for businesses that are actively recycling and reusing materials in creative ways. Finding ways to incorporate environmentally friendly elements into our day-to-day lives is essential for a more sustainable future. By supporting environmentally friendly businesses you can show commitment to reducing waste in your workplace and become part of their solution, rather than contributing to the problem.

Plastic recycling is an important aspect of any business. To ensure that you are doing your part for the environment, implementing a plastic recycling policy in your business is essential.

Educate employees on the importance of recycling and reducing the amount of plastic waste produced. Also, explain how they can make a big difference by collecting all plastic waste in the business to be recycled. Additionally, support businesses that are eco-friendly and look for ways to reduce their own impact on the environment.

Taking all necessary steps to promote responsible disposal and sustainable solutions will benefit not only current but future generations too. That’s why here, at Fresh Start Waste, we pride ourselves on our commitment to helping businesses reduce their environmental footprints. Everyone can then reap the rewards now and for years to come.

To find out more about how Fresh Start Waste can help your business with its sustainability strategy, get in touch today! Get a quote here or call commercial development managers on 0808 178 1966 to discuss your requirements.

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