Fresh Start Waste’s fleet are some of the greenest, safest and quietest around.


Fresh Start Waste remains committed to sustainable, recycling-focused, and carbon-efficient waste management. They achieve this by continually investing in the latest technology throughout their fleet, minimising environmental impact.

In collaboration with CP Davidson & Sons (CPD), another family-run business, Fresh Start has acquired some of the industry’s greenest vehicles. This strengthens their dedication to Manchester’s Zero Carbon by 2038 pledge.

Fresh Start Waste are working towards having a full fleet of Euro 6 engines and 12-speed gearboxes. This helps minimise fuel consumption and carbon impact. Additionally, these vehicles have various safety features in place. These measures ensure the safety of pedestrians, other vehicles and their operators.

Their fleet are fitted with a five-way camera recording system, displayed in the cab to aid the driver’s visibility, along with low entry ‘Mercedes Econic’ cabs providing further visibility and ensuring cyclist safety. Some trucks also have pedestrian recognition ‘rear and front guard assist’ sensors fitted which apply the brakes automatically should a pedestrian be in close-range. Additionally, the bin lifts on vehicles operate while the engine is in ticking over mode, which further reduces both the fuel and carbon impact, and additionally reduces the noise of the collection service, which is particularly important to any nearby residents.

Exemplary Standards and Accreditations

Fresh Start’s safety, environmental and quality standards are second to none, which is externally verified in their maintenance of OHSAS18001, ISO 14001 and ISO9001 accreditations.

Equal Opportunities policy certifications

Nicola McGrath, CEO at Fresh Start commented: “As part of our commitment to providing a sustainable waste management solution with minimal environmental impact, we have a comprehensive strategy in place to reduce, measure and offset our carbon in our bid to help reduce global warming and achieve Net Zero UK targets. This is evidenced in our investment in our fleet to ensure they achieve the lowest carbon impact possible.

“We choose to work with CPD to build and maintain our fleet, as we share similar values. We are both family-run companies who care about our customers, the environment and keeping everyone as safe as possible”.

Robert Davidson, Operations Director at CPD commented: “We have a long-standing relationship with Fresh Start, and thoroughly enjoy working with a fellow local SME. They are always looking to invest in the latest safety and carbon efficient vehicles which is highly admirable.”

Fresh Start Waste truck, forest carbon

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