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Best business waste practices


By applying better business waste practices, you can save money and protect the environment.

It’s estimated that failing to do so could cost your company up to 4% of annual turnover – a hefty sum, which may even increase with rising landfill taxes.

By effectively managing your business waste you can:

  • save your business money
  • reduce energy consumption
  • enhance environmental performance
  • reduce operating costs
  • comply with your legal obligations
  • improve the image of your business
    The best business waste practices that can help save some cash along the way

Better waste management

Businesses waste a lot – you name it, paper, packaging, food, energy, water and much more. By focussing on minimising, reusing and recycling materials can lead to a decrease in waste production. More waste means more raw materials required, wasted water, wasted energy, more transport, environmental fines and more wasted time. Managing waste may cost money but unmanaged waste costs more.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Going green has never been more crucial. Reducing your waste is one of the best ways to better waste management. For businesses, reducing waste starts with looking for ways to reuse products and materials instead of throwing them away. This involves using products more than once and can result in significant cost savings for businesses.  Not only is this an eco-friendly solution—it can also save you a tidy sum on costs. And don’t forget recycling. Finding new uses or raw materials from items no longer being used helps keep our world cleaner while keeping your cuts low!

Waste audit

Before you can put a plan in place to reduce the amount of waste your business is producing; you need to check what kinds of waste you create and how much there is of it. Please see below a waste audit template.

best business waste practices

For an up-to-date list of wastes see the government website. This list provides codes for each type of waste. 

Sustainable purchasing decisions

By promoting sustainable purchasing decisions will reduce the number of resources used by businesses. Adopting sustainable practices has never been easier or more affordable. Many businesses actively follow sustainable practices and have the accreditations for it. Look out for ISO14001 for your industry partners. Implementing sustainable waste practices can help companies save money, reduce their environmental footprint and protect the resources of our planet.

Energy Efficiency

This involves reducing the amount of energy used to produce goods or services and improving overall energy use efficiency. Best business waste practices can include installing efficient lighting systems, improving insulation in buildings or changing working habits to reduce energy consumption.

For ways 7 easy ways to make your office more eco-friendly read here

By adopting the best business waste practices shows commitment to environmental stewardship. Sustainability can help businesses save money, reduce their environmental footprint and protect the resources of our planet for future generations. 

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