95% Of Clients Would Recommend Fresh Start To Others.

Here at Fresh Start, we are always looking to improve on every aspect of our business. In an industry as competitive as waste management, we know that a strong reputation is absolutely vital, as everybody needs a collection service that they can trust and rely on.

With this in mind, we periodically ask our client base to give us an honest assessment of how we are doing, and – most importantly – where we can improve.

Back in 2014, we conducted our first ever customer satisfaction survey, and found that 91% of respondents were content with our service when compared to a previous supplier. A good total, certainly, and one which we were delighted with at the time. However, having almost 1 in 10 of relatively new clients not as pleased as we’d like was obviously a matter that we had to tackle head-on.

We listened, learned and put new processes in place to make sure that our valued customers were even more central to everything we do. We have improved our reliability and punctuality, and work even closer with all of our partners to ensure that you get tremendous value for money.

Now, when compared to a previous waste service provider, 94% of the 200 clients we surveyed in the past few months say that they are either Happy, Very Happy or Delighted with what we offer.

We also asked our clients how well we performed when answering their queries. Again, we have seen a three percentage point improvement here, moving up to 92% from 89% compared to 2014.

Our biggest percentage point gain was seen on another question. In 2014, ‘Would you recommend Fresh Start to others in the future?’ yielded a 88% positive response, but that figure has flown up to 95% this year.

All of this directs to arguably the most important question of the lot: ‘How satisfied are you with the collections service we offer?’.

Fresh Start was still a relatively new company back in 2014, having formed just eight years previously. The solid 90% score we received to this query reflected both how far we’d come in such a short period of time, but also that we’d need to rethink certain aspects of our operations in order to further improve.

We are hugely proud to be able to say that this year, we have a 96% approval rating among our customers. Of course, a 100% satisfaction rate is practically impossible to achieve, but our hard work has clearly paid dividends over the past four years.

While we know that it’s going to be extremely tough to please everybody, especially with a bespoke waste service such as ours, we are certainly going to endeavour to push our stats even higher by time the next survey rolls around.

Fresh Start Waste Services is one of the North West’s leading independent waste management companies, and if your business needs a cost-effective waste collection service, then drop us a line on info@fswaste.co.uk, fill in our Contact Form, our give our outstanding customer service team a call on (01942) 879 440.

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