Fresh Start Waste Joins Salford Social Value Alliance: Pledging Towards a More Sustainable Future


Fresh Start Waste recently made headlines by joining the Salford Social Value Alliance. This strategic move highlights the company’s commitment to fostering positive social change and environmental sustainability. Operating within the community, they aim to make a difference.

Fresh Start Waste, as part of its alliance membership, pledged ambitious objectives. These aim to enhance social value by at least 10%. Covering environmental conservation to socioeconomic empowerment, the objectives are diverse.

10% better in Salford

Let’s delve into Fresh Start Waste’s 10% Better Social Value Objectives:

Less Waste, More Recycling:

Recognising the importance of waste reduction and recycling initiatives, Fresh Start Waste implements efficient waste management practices. Encouraging recycling among stakeholders, the company aims to minimise landfill contributions and conserve resources.

10% less waste

Less Carbon Emissions:

Fresh Start Waste acknowledges the urgent need to combat climate change. The company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by adopting eco-friendly technologies and optimising transportation routes. Through emission-reducing strategies, they strive to mitigate their environmental impact for a healthier planet.

10% less carbon emissions

Paying Employees the Real Living Wage:

Fresh Start Waste pledges to uphold the Real Living Wage for all employees, aligning with its values of fairness and social responsibility. By ensuring workers receive a wage meeting their basic needs, the company promotes financial stability and enhances overall well-being within the workforce.

10% more companies paying the real living wage

Employing and Training Salford People:

Fresh Start Waste, as a vital part of the Salford community, dedicates itself to fostering local talent and creating employment opportunities for residents. Through targeted recruitment efforts and comprehensive training programs, the company aims to empower individuals with valuable skills and support economic growth within the region.

10% more people in employment, education and training


Sean Martins, Head of Sales and Marketing from Fresh Start Waste commented: “By aligning our operations with these 10% Better Social Value Objectives, we are demonstrating a proactive approach towards driving positive change and making a meaningful impact on society. The decision to join the Salford Social Value Alliance signifies a collaborative effort to address pressing social and environmental challenges collectively, which we are proud to be part of.”

By joining forces with like-minded organisations within the alliance, Fresh Start Waste amplifies its capacity to effect change and drive sustainable development initiatives. Through partnerships, knowledge sharing and collective action, alliance members leverage resources and expertise to create lasting benefits for the Salford community and beyond.

“The Salford Social Value Alliance is excited to welcome Fresh Start Waste Services as a member. We are delighted that they are committed to creating social value through the 10% Better Campaign.” Salford CVS (Lead Member)

As members of the Salford Social Value Alliance, Fresh Start Waste paves the way for a brighter, more inclusive future. It’s where businesses play a pivotal role in driving positive social change and environmental stewardship. Through concerted efforts and unwavering dedication, Fresh Start Waste strives to create a legacy of impact. This legacy transcends generations, leaving a lasting mark on the world.