Fresh Start Waste donate £1700 to further support Hospitality Action through the cost of living crisis

donating to hospitality action

Hospitality waste and recycling collector of choice Fresh Start Waste have continued their ongoing support for the sector by donating £1700 to national charity Hospitality Action. This part of their ongoing programme of support for the charity during the cost-of-living crisis. This brings the total donated to the charity to over £5000.

Fresh Start Waste work with thousands of hospitality venues across the North West to develop sustainable waste management programmes.

This work sees waste produced by restaurants, bars, hotels, pubs and large venues segregated into individual bins, and then separately collected by carbon conscious Fresh Start Waste in their twin bodied environmentally friendly trucks. This waste is then taken to their state-of-the-art recycling centre for further sorting and onward recycling.


Hospitality Action has assisted hospitality people since 1837 and was one of the first UK charities to mount an emergency response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  As the worst of the pandemic passed, the industry was hit by the cost-of-living crisis. The rising costs of accommodation, food and fuel are placing more hospitality families in danger of homelessness, and many businesses are at risk of failure, putting thousands of jobs in jeopardy.  Hospitality Action has consistently innovated to deliver financial and mental health support alongside advice and signposting to people facing poverty, homelessness, and deteriorating mental health.  Since March 2020, Hospitality Action has assisted over 10,000 hospitality households by awarding in excess of £3 million in grants.

Nicola McGrath CEO of Fresh Start Waste Services said “As the cost-of-living crisis remains a crucial factor, people are feeling the pinch, and with the reduction of their disposable income those in the hospitality sector are affected. With less people going out for dinner, drinks or staying at hotels or attending concerts or other venues, Hospitality Action are more in need than ever, so we are proud to continue our support of the sector and this vital charity.”

Mark Lewis, Chief Executive, Hospitality Action says:

“Demand for Hospitality Action’s services remains at an all-time high with thousands more hospitality families facing poverty, debt and homelessness. Sadly, poor financial health can destroy mental health and over half of our applicants are suffering from mental health problem on top of money woes. Hospitality Action receives no government funding, so every pound we award in grant-making is thanks to the generosity of our supporters and we warmly thank Fresh Start Waste for theirs”.

Fresh Start Waste truck, forest carbon

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