Greater Manchester clean air plan: Fresh Start’s journey to compliance


Bold new proposals to clean up the roadside air quality in Greater Manchester have received the full backing of Fresh Start Waste Services.

Local authorities have worked together to devise the Clean Air Plan, which is designed to tackle the region’s most polluting vehicles. It reflects findings that show dirty air is a major cause of ill health and early death in our communities.

“As a responsible Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) operator, Fresh Start is on track to ensure that our fleet of vehicles is compliant with new emission restrictions that will come into effect in 2021,” says our Commercial Director Colin Harvey.

“We take pride in our fleet and its appearance, which is well known for its vibrant colours and distinctive branding; however, our commitment to be a positive presence on Greater Manchester’s roads goes much further than skin-deep.

‘We want the inner workings of our vehicles and our green credentials to be just as good, which is why we are moving towards a five-year vehicle replacement schedule.”

clean air plan

Under the terms of the Clean Air Plan, any HGV that has a Euro 5 or earlier engine (typically registered prior to 2013) and wishes to enter and/or travel within Greater Manchester will be subject to a daily penalty of £100 from 2021.

Subject to a Government proposal, HGV owners could apply to a multi-million-pound funding package for help to clean up their vehicles and avoid the penalties.

Fresh Start, however, is already ahead of the game – having taken proactive action before the rules come into effect.

“Over the past 18 months, we have been working towards ensuring all our HGVs have Euro 6 diesel engines (registered from 2013 onwards) as standard practice,” reveals Colin.

“Furthermore, we are looking into ways to reduce our emissions to zero in the future by taking a keen interest in new and emerging technologies.”

Greater Manchester clean air plan

Taking an active role in consultations with Transport for Greater Manchester, Fresh Start is also in frequent contact with the Freight Transport Association to help us make informed business decisions in relation to the Clean Air Plan.

“We regularly update our industry knowledge so that we are leaders in what we do,” says our Chief Executive Officer, Nicola McGrath.

“Our company values are closely aligned with the vision set out in the Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan and I am pleased to be able to assure all our customers that we are taking responsible steps on the journey to cleaner air.”

Read more about the Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan and what you can do as an individual or business owner to support its aims.

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