Fresh Start Waste Services Expands Eco-Friendly Fleet with NTM-GB Partnership


Fresh Start Waste Services, a leader in sustainable waste management, continues to revolutionise the industry with their commitment to eco-friendly practices. Recently, the company has enhanced its operations by adding a further two new state-of-the-art vehicles to their fleet. These vehicles, designed and built by NTM-GB, feature split-body technology, underscoring Fresh Start’s dedication to environmental responsibility.

The split-body trucks are a game-changer in waste collection. They allow for the simultaneous collection of different waste streams, such as recyclables and general waste, in a single trip. This not only improves efficiency but also reduces the carbon footprint by minimising the number of journeys required. The innovation aligns perfectly with Fresh Start’s mission to provide sustainable and environmentally conscious waste solutions, ahead of the new Simpler Recycling legislation coming into play in 2025.

Fresh Start Waste Services chose to collaborate with NTM-GB, a renowned manufacturer in the waste management sector, because of their shared commitment to innovation and sustainability. NTM’s reputation for producing high-quality, reliable, and eco-friendly vehicles made them the ideal partner. Their split-body technology is among the most advanced in the industry, ensuring that Fresh Start can offer unparalleled service to their customers while also meeting stringent environmental standards.

The two new vehicles recently delivered by NTM-GB are equipped with the latest technology to optimise performance and efficiency. They are easy to manoeuvre, can handle bins from 240l-1100l and include a bin-weigh system which allows Fresh Start to provide transparency in terms of collection, weight data, and accurate recycling reports for customers. The vehicles are designed to handle a variety of waste types, ensuring versatility and adaptability in Fresh Start’s operations. These additions to the fleet represent a significant investment in the future of sustainable waste management.

Working with over 7000 North West businesses to reduce, reuse and recycle as much waste output as possible, Fresh Start have recently been appointed to deliver large scale waste management contracts such as Bruntwood, Crown Commercial Services and NHS Shared Business Services, so a safe, efficient and reliable fleet are crucial in achieving their exacting standards to these customers.


By expanding their eco-friendly fleet with NTM-GB’s cutting-edge vehicles, Fresh Start Waste Services is setting new standards in the industry. Their ongoing efforts to reduce environmental impact and improve service efficiency demonstrate a clear commitment to a greener future. This partnership not only enhances their operational capabilities but also reinforces their position as a pioneer in sustainable waste management solutions.