Do you know how your food is recycled?

For every meal eaten in a UK restaurant nearly half a kilo of food is wasted through preparation, spoilage and what’s left behind on the plate. With over 300 restaurants in Manchester alone that’s a lot of food waste being disposed of each and every day.

Waste management

Mixing food waste with general waste is a commercial and environmental disaster. With a little less than 50% of waste from the leisure sector (hotels & catering) being recycled, the carbon emissions from 1.4 million tonnes a year potentially ending up at landfill are immense.

When food waste is disposed of at landfill, organic materials are starved of the oxygen needed for the composting process to occur. As waste food begins to breakdown, resulting methane gas, along with carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere. As methane is 21 times more harmful to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide, diverting food waste away from landfill is essential.

The food recycling process


Food Recycling

As one of Manchester’s leading waste management companies – who provide waste collection, waste management and recycling services to the trade, industrial and commercial sectors – Fresh Start are pleased to work with and support businesses that are already part of the Green Chef Food Recycling scheme. We guarantee everything we collect will be recycled in some way, nothing goes to landfill.

By recycling 100% of all food waste that we receive, The Green Chef Food Recycling scheme reduces a business’s carbon footprint by diverting food waste from landfill and using the materials as a renewable resource. The renewable resources we convert food waste into include electricity and heat, as well as compost which is an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical fertilisers.

Our services

We have a range of containers to suit all of your requirements. These vary in size from 140 and 240 litre wheelie bins, up to 20 cubic yard and 30 cubic yard containers (also known as roll on / roll off), which are ideal for food manufacturers or those businesses that generate high volumes.

Scheduled collections can be implemented at a frequency to suit demand.

To arrange a free waste audit, please contact the Fresh Start Regional Operations Centre on Freephone 0808 178 1966 or email:

Our food waste containers


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