We all know that cardboard recycling is the right thing to do, and with our expert assistance, it’s now easier than ever to run an environmentally friendly business in the North West.

Fresh Start have become one of the UK’s largest independent waste management companies on the philosophy of ‘keeping things simple’.

By having a clear process, we’ve found that our customers are can benefit from savings by segregating their cardboard and other waste streams, which also enables them to run a tight green ship.

We help our clients dispose of their excess cardboard, whether it is loose or baled, with frequent and convenient visits on set days each week.

This ultimately means that we divert approx 3,200 tonnes of card away from landfill each year, with 100% of it being destined for paper mills and a new life as recycled paper, packaging, fresh boxes or even converted into energy as ethanol fuel.

Absolutely zero waste goes to waste in this closed loop system.

We have state of the art Material Recovery Facilities in Manchester and Preston, where our hard-working team sorts and grades the waste cardboard that comes in every day and continues the recycling process which you began.

Of course, all of this not only helps to keep your site or office tidy, but it can reduce your company’s carbon footprint and, when combined with our other services, can help to significantly lower your Landfill Tax bill.

Before we get started on our cardboard collections, one of our dedicated Commercial Development Managers will perform a free audit of your site, check your current recycling processes, and devise a bespoke solution that works for you, no matter the volume of cardboard you’re generating.

We have a huge range of containers designed for businesses like yours, from simple refuse sacks and lockable front end loaders, up to compaction equipment and balers for users with heavier recycling requirements.

Our cardboard disposal services are currently available in Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire and Merseyside, and are collected by our modern fleet of 30 waste wagons which criss-cross the region 7 days a week. As you’d expect, they all comply with the stringent Euro 5 and Euro 6 emission standards, meaning that they are among the cleanest large vehicles on the roads today.

We collect and recycle all forms of cardboard, from used business cards to sturdy corrugated honeycomb board, and always aim for it to be reused in a sustainable and ethical way.

If your business needs a forward-thinking waste management company to deal with your cardboard recycling needs, contact Fresh Start today!

Feel free to explore our site and discover the full range of options available to you. If you can’t find the specific solution that you are looking for, please contact us on (01942) 879 440. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form. Either way, our friendly team will be more than happy to help with a speedy response.

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