Running an iconic Manchester teaching hospital that specialises in cardiology, renal medicine and surgery, alongside which runs a busy A & E department treating over 150,000 patients a year, is enough to keep any management team busy. With so many important events taking place minute by minute, the last thing anyone wants to do is think about waste.

Fortunately for the hospital, Fresh Start were on hand to provide support and advice when it became apparent that the current service provider was no longer in a position to satisfy the requirements for the hospital.

The solution:

Working alongside the management team and the hospital, Fresh Start quickly organised several trial loads of compacted waste to be directed to our materials recovery facility where its suitability for recycling was assessed. Having processed 20 tonnes of waste through the materials recovery facility, it was clear that despite recyclates being present, the loads were not suitable for recovery due to them being spoilt and contaminated with food waste.

Following the trial, Fresh Start carried out a full site audit. The audit identified five main recycling opportunities; food, glass, card, mixed recycling and general waste, and the volumes present.

Fresh Start was keen to support the hospital transitioning between a ‘one bin’ collection schedule and a recycling led collection program. On-site training days were organised for all maintenance, domestic and contractor staff, when they were taken through the new waste collection program.

Appropriately sized containers were specified and delivered to site ranging between 35 yard3, bulk containers and 10 yard3, front end loaders, to 1100 litre eurobins and smaller 240 litre wheelie bins.

A dedicated Account Manager delivered continued support, arranging further visits to Fresh Starts Materials Recovery Facility.


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